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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? VBulletin 3.8 to Discourse on Docker Migration Test Take Two Post 303045170 by Neo on Friday 13th of March 2020 12:55:32 AM
Old 03-13-2020
OBTW. User avatars have migrated over "OK" in this test round 2.

But the bbcode to markdown plugin did not work...... so need to fix that after this test run.
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #514
Difficulty: Easy
As a general rule, the more a variable is used, the longer the variable name should be.
True or False?

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App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3pm)			 Perl Programmers Reference Guide		      App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3pm)

App::Prove::State::Result::Test - Individual test results. VERSION
Version 3.26 DESCRIPTION
The "prove" command supports a "--state" option that instructs it to store persistent state across runs. This module encapsulates the results for a single test. SYNOPSIS
# Re-run failed tests $ prove --state=fail,save -rbv METHODS
Class Methods "new" Instance Methods "name" The name of the test. Usually a filename. "elapsed" The total elapsed times the test took to run, in seconds from the epoch.. "generation" The number for the "generation" of the test run. The first generation is 1 (one) and subsequent generations are 2, 3, etc. "last_pass_time" The last time the test program passed, in seconds from the epoch. Returns "undef" if the program has never passed. "last_fail_time" The last time the test suite failed, in seconds from the epoch. Returns "undef" if the program has never failed. "mtime" Returns the mtime of the test, in seconds from the epoch. "raw" Returns a hashref of raw test data, suitable for serialization by YAML. "result" Currently, whether or not the test suite passed with no 'problems' (such as TODO passed). "run_time" The total time it took for the test to run, in seconds. If "Time::HiRes" is available, it will have finer granularity. "num_todo" The number of tests with TODO directives. "sequence" The order in which this test was run for the given test suite result. "total_passes" The number of times the test has passed. "total_failures" The number of times the test has failed. "parser" The underlying parser object. This is useful if you need the full information for the test program. perl v5.18.2 2014-01-06 App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3pm)

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