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Bash Shell Linux

I have a csv file that looks like this


My code looks like this

sed 1d $file_name | while read Name Food Sport


mkdir -p $Name

#echo "=================="
#echo "Name:  $Name"

done <$file_name

I'm trying to make it so when the directory is created based on the $name column, it will add something to one of the duplicate names like James_1 or JamesD rather than it only creating a directory for the first James and not the second.
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Locale::Codes::LangFam(3pm)				 Perl Programmers Reference Guide			       Locale::Codes::LangFam(3pm)

Locale::Codes::LangFam - standard codes for language extension identification SYNOPSIS
use Locale::Codes::LangFam; $lext = code2langfam('apa'); # $lext gets 'Apache languages' $code = langfam2code('Apache languages'); # $code gets 'apa' @codes = all_langfam_codes(); @names = all_langfam_names(); DESCRIPTION
The "Locale::Codes::LangFam" module provides access to standard codes used for identifying language families, such as those as defined in ISO 639-5. Most of the routines take an optional additional argument which specifies the code set to use. If not specified, the default ISO 639-5 language family codes will be used. SUPPORTED CODE SETS
There are several different code sets you can use for identifying language families. A code set may be specified using either a name, or a constant that is automatically exported by this module. For example, the two are equivalent: $lext = code2langfam('apa','alpha'); $lext = code2langfam('apa',LOCALE_LANGFAM_ALPHA); The codesets currently supported are: alpha This is the set of three-letter (lowercase) codes from ISO 639-5 such as 'apa' for Apache languages. This is the default code set. ROUTINES
code2langfam ( CODE [,CODESET] ) langfam2code ( NAME [,CODESET] ) langfam_code2code ( CODE ,CODESET ,CODESET2 ) all_langfam_codes ( [CODESET] ) all_langfam_names ( [CODESET] ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::rename_langfam ( CODE ,NEW_NAME [,CODESET] ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::add_langfam ( CODE ,NAME [,CODESET] ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::delete_langfam ( CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::add_langfam_alias ( NAME ,NEW_NAME ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::delete_langfam_alias ( NAME ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::rename_langfam_code ( CODE ,NEW_CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::add_langfam_code_alias ( CODE ,NEW_CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Codes::LangFam::delete_langfam_code_alias ( CODE [,CODESET] ) These routines are all documented in the Locale::Codes::API man page. SEE ALSO
Locale::Codes The Locale-Codes distribution. Locale::Codes::API The list of functions supported by this module. http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-5/id.php ISO 639-5 . AUTHOR
See Locale::Codes for full author history. Currently maintained by Sullivan Beck (sbeck@cpan.org). COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Sullivan Beck This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.16.2 2012-10-11 Locale::Codes::LangFam(3pm)

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