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TCP is a "connection-oriented" "end-to-end" client-server protocol.

This means that parameters related to TCP sockets, buffers, lengths, fragments, etc. effect the end-to-end connection and are controlled by the end-to-end TCP connection, not the intermediate routing devices and intermediate hosts.
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All programming languages have automatic garbage collection that monitors the dynamically allocated pieces of memory and determine if any variable in the program still references it. If the memory is no longer referenced, it is 'garbage' and becomes eligible to be 'collected'.
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socket.h(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       socket.h(3)

socket.h - Network addresses and sockets related classes. SYNOPSIS
#include <cc++/address.h> Classes class ost::Socket The Socket is used as the base for all Internet protocol services under Common C++. class ost::DCCPSocket DCCP sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between two sockets. class ost::UDPSocket UDP sockets implement the TCP SOCK_DGRAM UDP protocol. class ost::UDPBroadcast Representing a UDP socket used for subnet broadcasts, this class provides an alternate binding and setPeer() capability for UDP sockets. class ost::UDPTransmit Representing half of a two-way UDP connection, the UDP transmitter can broadcast data to another selected peer host or to an entire subnet. class ost::UDPReceive Representing half of a two-way UDP connection, the UDP receiver can receive data from another peer host or subnet. class ost::UDPDuplex UDP duplex connections impliment a bi-directional point-to-point UDP session between two peer hosts. class ost::TCPSocket TCP sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between two sockets. class ost::TCPV6Socket TCPV6 sockets are used for stream based connected sessions between two ipv6 sockets. class ost::TCPStream TCP streams are used to represent TCP client connections to a server by TCP protocol servers for accepting client connections. class ost::TCPSession The TCP session is used to primarily to represent a client connection that can be managed on a separate thread. class ost::SimpleTCPStream Simple TCP Stream, to be used with Common C++ Library. Namespaces namespace ost Macros #define INVALID_SOCKET -1 #define _IOLEN64 #define _IORET64 #define MSG_DONTWAIT 0 #define MSG_NOSIGNAL 0 #define SOCK_DCCP 6 #define IPPROTO_DCCP 33 #define SOL_DCCP 269 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_AVAILABLE_CCIDS 12 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_CCID 13 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_TX_CCID 14 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_RX_CCID 15 Typedefs typedef int SOCKET Variables class __EXPORT ost::SimpleTCPStream Detailed Description Network addresses and sockets related classes. Macro Definition Documentation #define _IOLEN64 Referenced by ost::SocketPort::peek(), ost::UDPSocket::peek(), ost::TCPStream::peek(), ost::SocketPort::receive(), ost::UDPReceive::receive(), ost::SocketPort::send(), ost::UDPTransmit::send(), and ost::UDPTransmit::transmit(). #define _IORET64 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_AVAILABLE_CCIDS 12 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_CCID 13 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_RX_CCID 15 #define DCCP_SOCKOPT_TX_CCID 14 #define INVALID_SOCKET -1 #define IPPROTO_DCCP 33 #define MSG_DONTWAIT 0 Referenced by ost::UDPTransmit::transmit(). #define MSG_NOSIGNAL 0 Referenced by ost::UDPTransmit::send(), and ost::UDPTransmit::transmit(). #define SOCK_DCCP 6 #define SOL_DCCP 269 Typedef Documentation typedef int SOCKET Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for GNU CommonC++ from the source code. GNU CommonC++ Sat Jun 23 2012 socket.h(3)

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