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Bash to check directory and create missing folder from file

In the below bash I am trying to ensure that all folders (represented by $folders) in a given directory are created. In the file f1 the trimmed folder will be there somewhere (will be multiple trimmed folders).
When that trimmed folder is found (represented by $S5) the the contents of $2 printed to $STRING. If $STRING is the same as $folders then
that folder is already created in the directory and it can be skipped (this will be the case most of the time). If $STRING is not the same as $folders then the missing is created in the directory. The code seems to work as expected untill the If done, that is the variables are set correctly, but the actual match is portion below is not working and I am not sure how to mkdir. Thank you Smilie.


for RDIR in "$DIR"/R_2019* ; do  ## # matching "R_2019*" to operate on desired directory and expand
  TRIMSTR=${RDIR%%-v5.6*}  ## trim folder match in RDIR from -v5.6 and store in TRIMSTR
     mv "$RDIR" "$TRIMSTR"  ## move trimmed folder to directory
     S5=${TRIMSTR##*/}  ## store run with no path as S5
# Iterate over each sample folder in run directory
    folders=folders=`ls -d *[0-9]*/`  ## list only directories begining with digit 
for f in "$DIR"/f1; do STRING=$(awk -v ref="/$S5/" 'match($0, ref) {print $2}' "$f"); done
nl="  ## added newline boundry seperator 
    if [[ $nl$folders$nl == *$n$STRING/$nl* ]] || continue # only execute file on match
       else mkdir $STRING 

directory structure where variables come from

    --- /path/to/run/folder/R_2019_00_00_00_00_00_xxxx_x0-00000-123  --- this is $TRIMSTR and the blue is $S5

      --- 00-1111-xxx-xxx 00-2222-yyy-yy 00-3333-zz-zz id test   --- these are within $TRIMSTER id and test are not stored in $folders

yyy_009 00-0000-xxx-xxx-xxx
yyy_004 00-0011-xxx-xxx-xxx

zzzz_0000 00-3333-zz-zz
zzzz_0005 00-1111-xxx-xxx
zzzz_0003 00-2222-yyy-yy



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