"To get the id value dynamically"

Post #303031817 by RudiC on Wednesday 6th of March 2019 05:44:48 AM

Welcome to the forum.

Please become accustomed to provide decent context info of your problem.

It is always helpful to carefully and detailedly phrase a request, and to support it with system info like OS and shell, related environment (variables, directory structures, options), preferred tools, adequate (representative) sample input and desired output data and the logics connecting the two including your own attempts at a solution, and, if existent, system (error) messages verbatim, to avoid ambiguities and keep people from guessing.

So - what have you tried so far?
Do you have GNU date available, or another version that allows a to-be-operated-upon-date parameter?

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TIFFBUFFER(3T)															    TIFFBUFFER(3T)

TIFFReadBufferSetup, TIFFWriteBufferSetup - I/O buffering control routines SYNOPSIS
#include <tiffio.h> int TIFFReadBufferSetup(TIFF*, tdata_t buffer, tsize_t size); int TIFFWriteBufferSetup(TIFF*, tdata_t buffer, tsize_t size); DESCRIPTION
The following routines are provided for client-control of the I/O buffers used by the library. Applications need never use these routines; they are provided only for ``intelligent clients'' that wish to optimize memory usage and/or eliminate potential copy operations that can occur when working with images that have data stored without compression. TIFFReadBufferSetup sets up the data buffer used to read raw (encoded) data from a file. If the specified pointer is NULL (zero), then a buffer of the appropriate size is allocated. Otherwise the caller must guarantee that the buffer is large enough to hold any individual strip of raw data. TIFFReadBufferSetup returns a non-zero value if the setup was successful and zero otherwise. TIFFWriteBufferSetup sets up the data buffer used to write raw (encoded) data to a file. If the specified size is -1 then the buffer size is selected to hold a complete tile or strip, or at least 8 kilobytes, whichever is greater. If the specified buffer is NULL (zero), then a buffer of the appropriate size is dynamically allocated. TIFFWriteBufferSetup returns a non-zero value if the setup was successful and zero otherwise. DIAGNOSTICS
%s: No space for data buffer at scanline %ld. TIFFReadBufferSetup was unable to dynamically allocate space for a data buffer. %s: No space for output buffer. TIFFWriteBufferSetup was unable to dynamically allocate space for a data buffer. SEE ALSO
libtiff(3T) October 15, 1995 TIFFBUFFER(3T)

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