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"Seen Windows pc, having all the features of Linux, could exe, read and edit save like windows"

Post #303030437 by vbe on Sunday 10th of February 2019 10:25:29 AM

Greetings and welcome to this forum, I think you are still mixed up between what MS Windows and Linux or Unix are, so being wise would be :
Get to understand the differences between the 2 worlds, and understand what is an OS..
Once able to see the difference, its up to you to decide which OS you want to use, if and I can understand for any good reason ( Like having some soft that only runs on Windows etc...) then opt for dual boot
Until then to familiarise yourself with linux world I would suggest you get a live DVD like Knoppix so you have nothing installed on your PC and you can see for yourself what linux and its GUIs are and do
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XDoes*()																  XDoes*()

  XDoesBackingStore, XDoesSaveUnders, DoesBackingStore, DoesSaveUnders - query server support for backing store or save unders.

  int XDoesBackingStore(screen)
	   Screen *screen;
  Bool XDoesSaveUnders(screen)
	   Screen *screen;

  screen    Specifies the appropriate Screen structure.

  XDoesSaveUnders() returns True or False.  XDoesBackingStore() returns WhenMapped, NotUseful, or Always.

  XDoesSaveUnders()  returns  a  boolean value indicating whether the screen supports save unders.  If True, the screen supports save unders.
  If False, the screen does not support save unders.

  XDoesBackingStore() returns a value indicating whether the screen supports backing stores.  The value returned can be  one  of  WhenMapped,
  NotUseful, or Always.

  Save	unders	and  backing stores are optional server features controlled with window attributes.  These macros tell you whether the server
  supports them.  A "save under" is an area beneath a window (usually a menu or dialog box) that the server saves, so that when the window is
  removed  from the screen, the underlying applications do not need to redraw their windows.  This speeds up user response with a slight cost
  in increased server memory consumption.  A "backing store" is an off-screen copy of a window, maintained even when the window is not	visi-
  ble or not mapped.  The server uses the copy to redraw the window whenever that window would otherwise have received an Expose event.  This
  reduces the load on applications at the expense of a possibly great increase in server memory usage.

  The C language macros DoesSaveUnders() and DoesBackingStore() are equivalent and slightly more efficient.

See Also
  XChangeWindowAttributes(), XGetWindowAttributes().

Xlib - Macro Equivalents														  XDoes*()

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