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"A Choice: Draggable Editors or Smilie Box on Quick Editor"

Post #303026985 by Corona688 on Thursday 6th of December 2018 10:49:10 AM

An uncommon and shining example of something Microsoft did right is the old Windows taskbar: It can be rearranged and resized if you want, but has a lock feature to prevent it happening by accident. What it lacks is a reset feature to un-ruin it when this inevitably happens anyway.

If this is made default, it ought to have lock and reset features in addition to disable.
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Just started out with C and are looking for a good editor in *nix that marks the code with colors. This is maybe a newbie thing to have the C code in colors but i like it and you can almost always se when you are typing wrong. :) Ive heard that emacs should have that option but i havent...... Programming
Small bug in the Quick Editor function in postbit
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New Font Awesome Icons in Quick Reply Editor
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LIBPFM(3)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							 LIBPFM(3)

libpfm_intel_snb_unc - support for Intel Sandy Bridge uncore PMU
#include <perfmon/pfmlib.h> PMU name: snb_unc_cbo0, snb_unc_cbo1, snb_unc_cbo2, snb_unc_cbo3 PMU desc: Intel Sandy Bridge C-box uncore
The library supports the Intel Sandy Bridge client part (model 42) uncore PMU. The support is currently limited to the Coherency Box, so called C-Box for up to 4 physical cores. Each physical core has an associated C-Box which it uses to communictate with the L3 cache. The C-boxes all support the same set of events. However, Core 0 C-box (snb_unc_cbo0) supports an additional uncore clock ticks event: UNC_CLOCKTICKS.
The following modifiers are supported on Intel Sandy Bridge C-Box uncore PMU: i Invert the meaning of the event. The counter will now count cycles in which the event is not occurring. This is a boolean modifier e Enable edge detection, i.e., count only when there is a state transition from no occurrence of the event to at least one occurrence. This modifier must be combined with a counter mask modifier (m) with a value greater or equal to one. This is a boolean modifier. c Set the counter mask value. The mask acts as a threshold. The counter will count the number of cycles in which the number of occur- rences of the event is greater or equal to the threshold. This is an integer modifier with values in the range [0:255]. Both the UNC_CBO_CACHE_LOOKUP and UNC_CBO_XSNP_RESPONSE requires two umasks to be valid. For UNC_CBO_CACHE_LOOKUP the first umask must be one of the MESI state umasks, the second has to be one of the filters. For UNC_CBO_XSNP_RESPONSE the first umask must be one of the snoop types, the second has to be one of the filters.
Stephane Eranian <> August, 2012 LIBPFM(3)

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