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console.perms(5) [redhat man page]

console.perms(5)					   System Administrator's Manual					  console.perms(5)

console.perms - permissions control file for users at the system console DESCRIPTION
/etc/security/console.perms determines the permissions that will be given to priviledged users of the console at login time, and the per- missions to which to revert when the users log out. It is read by the pam_console module. The format is: <class>=space-separated list of words login-regexp|<login-class> perm dev-glob|<dev-class> revert-mode revert-owner[.revert-group] The revert-mode, revert-owner, and revert-group fields are optional, and default to 0600, root, and root, respectively. The words in a class definition are evaluated as globs if they refer to files, but as regular expressions if they apply to a console defi- nition. Do not mix them. Any line can be broken and continued on the next line by using a character as the last character on the line. The login-class class and the login-regexp word are evaluated as regular expressions. The dev-class and the dev-glob word are evaluated as shell-style globs. If a name given corresponds to a directory, and if it is a mount point listed in /etc/fstab, the device node associated with the filesystem mounted at that point will be substituted in its place. Classes are denoted by being contained in < angle bracket > characters; a lack of < angle brackets > indicates that the string is to be taken literally as a login-regexp or a dev-glob, depending on its input position. SEE ALSO
pam_console(8) pam_console_apply(8) console.apps(5) AUTHOR
Michael K. Johnson <> Red Hat Software 1999/2/3 console.perms(5)

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console.handlers(5)					   System Administrator's Manual				       console.handlers(5)

console.handlers - file specifying handlers of console lock and unlock events DESCRIPTION
/etc/security/console.handlers determines which programs will be run when an user obtains the console lock at login time, and when the user loses it on log out. It is read by the pam_console module. The format is: handler-filename lock|unlock [flag ...] Where handler-filename is a name of the executable to be run, lock or unlock specifies on which event it should be run, and flags specify how should pam_console call it. Additionally there should be a line which specifies glob patterns of console devices. The format of this line is: console-name consoledevs regex [regex ...] Where console-name is a name of the console class - currently ignored - and regexes are regular expression patterns which specify the name of the tty device. Only the first such line is consulted. FLAGS
logfail The pam_console module should log error to the system log if the return value of the handler is not zero or if the handler can not be executed. wait The pam_console should wait for the handler to exit before continuing. setuid The handler should be executed with uid/gid of the user which obtained the console lock. tty The handler will get a tty name as obtained from PAM as a parameter. user The handler will get an user name as obtained from PAM as a parameter. Anything else will be added directly as a parameter to the handler executable. SEE ALSO
pam_console(8) AUTHOR
Tomas Mraz <> Red Hat 2005/3/18 console.handlers(5)

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