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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Script changing row to column Post 302989464 by Don Cragun on Thursday 12th of January 2017 09:21:09 PM
Here is a copy of Scrutinizer's script with comments added. I hope this will help you understand how it works. Let us know if there is still something you don't understand after
looking at these comments (along with the awk man page on your system).
awk '			# Use awk to process the following script:
    if($1 in A) {	# If the value in the 1st field has been seen before
      if(!c) c=p	#   if c has not been set, set it to p.  (Since p is
			#   later set to the previous input line number and $1
			#   will have been seen before and c will not have been
			#   set only when we see the 2nd occurrence of the 1st
			#   value in the 1st field, this sets c to the number
			#   of different values that appear in the 1st field.)
    else 		# otherwise (the value in the 1st field has not been
			# seen)
      h=h $1 OFS	#   add the 1st field and a field separator to the
			#   header string.
  c && !(p%c) {		# If c is non-zero and p is an even multiple of c
    if(h) print h	#   if h (the header line) is not an empty string print
			#   it,
    print s		#   print the string of accumulated $2 values, and
    h=s=x		#   clear the header line and the string of accumulated
			#   $2 values.
    A[$1]		# Record that we have seen this $1 value before,
    s=s $2 OFS		# add the current $2 value to the string of accumulated
			# $2 values, and
    p=FNR		# set p to the current input line number.
  END {
    print s		# When we hit EOF on the input file, print the last
			# string of accumulated $2 values.
' OFS='\t' file		# Mark the end of the awk script text, set the output
			# field separator to a tab and name the input file to
			# be processed.

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Table(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						  Table(3)

Tk::Table - Scrollable 2 dimensional table of Tk widgets SYNOPSIS
use Tk::Table; $table = $parent->Table(-rows => number, -columns => number, -scrollbars => anchor, -fixedrows => number, -fixedcolumns => number, -takefocus => boolean); $widget = $table->Button(...); $old = $table->put($row,$col,$widget); $old = $table->put($row,$col,"Text"); # simple Label $widget = $table->get($row,$col); $cols = $table->totalColumns; $rows = $table->totalRows; $table->see($widget); $table->see($row,$col); ($row,$col) = $table->Posn($widget); DESCRIPTION
Tk::Table is an all-perl widget/geometry manager which allows a two dimensional table of arbitary perl/Tk widgets to be displayed. Entries in the Table are simply ordinary perl/Tk widgets. They should be created with the Table as their parent. Widgets are positioned in the table using: $table->put($row,$col,$widget) If $widget is not a reference it is treated as a string, and a Lable widget is created with the string as its text. All the widgets in each column are set to the same width - the requested width of the widest widget in the column. Likewise, all the widgets in each row are set to the same height - the requested height of the tallest widget in the column. A number of rows and/or columns can be marked as 'fixed' - and so can serve as 'headings' for the remainder the rows which are scrollable. The requested size of the table as a whole is such that the number of rows specified by -rows (default 10), and number of columns specified by -columns (default 10) can be displayed. If the Table is told it can take the keyboard focus then cursor and scroll keys scroll the displayed widgets. The Table will create and manage its own scrollbars if requested via -scrollbars. The table can be emptied using $table->clear the widgets which were in the table are destroyed. The Tk::Table widget is derived from a Tk::Frame, so inherits all its configure options. BUGS
/ Snags / Possible enhancements o Very large Tables consume a lot of X windows. o No equivalent of pack's -anchor/-pad etc. options SEE ALSO
Tk::grid, Tk::HList, Tk::TableMatrix, Tk::MListbox, Tk::Columns perl v5.12.1 2007-11-08 Table(3)

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