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Full Discussion: Which Product to Choose?
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Which Product to Choose? Post 302985739 by wisecracker on Monday 14th of November 2016 04:58:43 PM
I am with Corona688 here.
I have messed with Linux since YGGDRASIL Fall '95 edition and tried out many until I hit Debian. This was the single most stable platform I have ever had. I could not make it crash and I hammer the hardware hard.
A close second was PCLinuxOS which was more user friendly.
I run Mint 17 at the moment but my other laptop is going to have the current Debian on it.
As for a development tool they all have gcc as a _builtin_ along with many other installed or ready to be DLed from the repositories.
Audacity is a standard install too.
There are small footprint Linux flavours, just do a Google...
Hope this helps...
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BUILDER-CC(1)							 Debian GNU/Linux						     BUILDER-CC(1)

builder-cc - gcc wrapper to facilitate pentium-optimizations SYNOPSIS
export DEBIAN_BUILDARCH=architecture export DEBIAN_BUILDGCCVER=gcc-version gcc ... DESCRIPTION
The builder-cc wrapper is normally used by calling gcc as usual. If the environment variable DEBIAN_BUILDARCH is not set, builder-cc does nothing, and the real gcc is invoked with the specified arguments. When the DEBIAN_BUILDARCH environment variable is set, builder-cc invokes gcc with the specified arguments, plus -mcpu=DEBIAN_BUILDARCH -march=DEBIAN_BUILDARCH This has the effect of telling gcc to use architecture-specific optimizations without changing the command line. This is particularly useful for package builds. If DEBIAN_BUILDGCCVER is not set, builder-cc calls gcc.real. If DEBIAN_BUILDGCCVER is set, builder-cc calls gcc-DEBIAN_BUILDGCCVER instead. ENVIRONMENT
DEBIAN_BUILDARCH If set, the architecture to compile for. Useful values are pentium or pentiumpro. DEBIAN_BUILDGCCVER If set, the version of gcc to be invoked. Useful values are 3.0 or 2.95. NOTES
The real gcc is renamed gcc.real, and a diversion is registered with dpkg-divert(1). Thus builder-cc's idea of the default gcc is dictated by whatever package installed /usr/bin/gcc. SEE ALSO
gcc(1) Debian Project 2002-03-02 BUILDER-CC(1)

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