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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Firefox updated when Never Check for updates selected Post 302853513 by cokedude on Saturday 14th of September 2013 08:05:33 PM
Old 09-14-2013
Originally Posted by rbatte1
Did you look at the "Help / About" panel? That seems to trigger the update for me.

I looked at it but I didn't select to update it.
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update-default-ispell - update default ispell dictionary SYNOPSIS
update-default-ispell [--dico-postinst] [--triggered] DESCRIPTION
WARNING: Not to be used from the command line unless you know very well what you are doing. This program is intended to be called from ispell dictionary package postinst, from select-default-ispell or from dictionaries-common postinst (with --dico-postinst). When called under dpkg control without the --dico-postinst option, a dictionaries-common trigger is enabled to be run later. In the triggered run (or when is called from the command line or with --trigger option), reads the system default from the debconf database and set default links in /etc/dictionaries-common pointing to the appropriate files in /usr/lib/ispell/. Also updates the system-wide setting /etc/dictionaries-common/ispell-default. and rebuilds the /var/cache/dictionaries-common/ispell.db and the emacsen, jed, and SquirrelMail support (to be put in /var/cache/dictionaries-common/) from the files in /var/lib/dictionaries-common/ispell When called from from dictionaries-common postinst with --dico-postinst symlinks creation step will be skipped and trigger not enabled. OPTIONS
--dico-postinst Do not enable trigger nor try to set default symlinks. --triggered Run all the code instead of trying to enable update-default-ispell trigger SEE ALSO
The dictionaries-common policy document AUTHORS
Rafael Laboissiere Agustin Martin Domingo 1.12.11 2013-1-22 UPDATE-DEFAULT-ISPELL(8)

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