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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Firefox updated when Never Check for updates selected Post 302853513 by cokedude on Saturday 14th of September 2013 08:05:33 PM
Old 09-14-2013
Originally Posted by rbatte1
Did you look at the "Help / About" panel? That seems to trigger the update for me.

I looked at it but I didn't select to update it.
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GET_BROWSER(3)								 1							    GET_BROWSER(3)

get_browser - Tells what the user's browser is capable of

mixed get_browser ([string $user_agent], [bool $return_array = false]) DESCRIPTION
Attempts to determine the capabilities of the user's browser, by looking up the browser's information in the browscap.ini file. PARAMETERS
o $user_agent - The User Agent to be analyzed. By default, the value of HTTP User-Agent header is used; however, you can alter this (i.e., look up another browser's info) by passing this parameter. You can bypass this parameter with a NULL value. o $return_array - If set to TRUE, this function will return an array instead of an object. RETURN VALUES
The information is returned in an object or an array which will contain various data elements representing, for instance, the browser's major and minor version numbers and ID string; TRUE/ FALSE values for features such as frames, JavaScript, and cookies; and so forth. The cookies value simply means that the browser itself is capable of accepting cookies and does not mean the user has enabled the browser to accept cookies or not. The only way to test if cookies are accepted is to set one with setcookie(3), reload, and check for the value. CHANGELOG
+--------+--------------------------------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+--------------------------------------------------+ | 4.3.2 | | | | | | | The optional parameter $return_array was added. | | | | +--------+--------------------------------------------------+ EXAMPLES
Example #1 Listing all information about the users browser <?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] . " "; $browser = get_browser(null, true); print_r($browser); ?> The above example will output something similar to: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7) Gecko/20040803 Firefox/0.9.3 Array ( [browser_name_regex] => ^mozilla/5.0 (windows; .; windows nt 5.1; .*rv:.*) gecko/.* firefox/0.9.*$ [browser_name_pattern] => Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; ?; Windows NT 5.1; *rv:*) Gecko/* Firefox/0.9* [parent] => Firefox 0.9 [platform] => WinXP [browser] => Firefox [version] => 0.9 [majorver] => 0 [minorver] => 9 [cssversion] => 2 [frames] => 1 [iframes] => 1 [tables] => 1 [cookies] => 1 [backgroundsounds] => [vbscript] => [javascript] => 1 [javaapplets] => 1 [activexcontrols] => [cdf] => [aol] => [beta] => 1 [win16] => [crawler] => [stripper] => [wap] => [netclr] => ) NOTES
Note In order for this to work, your browscap configuration setting in php.ini must point to the correct location of the browscap.ini file on your system. browscap.ini is not bundled with PHP, but you may find an up-to-date php_browscap.ini file here. While browscap.ini contains information on many browsers, it relies on user updates to keep the database current. The format of the file is fairly self-explanatory. PHP Documentation Group GET_BROWSER(3)

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