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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need to print duplicate row along with highest version of original Post 302829709 by Yoda on Friday 5th of July 2013 04:52:40 PM
Old 07-05-2013
Here is a brief explanation:
awk '
        # Skip first two records of input file
        NR > 2 {
                # Set variable V = $0 (current record)
                V = $0
                # Remove first field to get the description in variable: V value
                sub ( $1, X, V )
                # Remove leading and trailing space from description in variable: V value
                gsub ( /^[ ]*|[ ]*$/, X, V )
                # Create indexed array: R with 1st and 2nd field separated by comma
                R[++c] = $1 "," V
                Check if associative array: A contain record indexed by variable: V value
                if ( V in A )
                        If yes, compare if existing vale is less that 1st field value
                        if ( A[V] < $1 )
                                Set associate array: M = $1 (maximum value)
                                M[V] = $1
                # If associative array: A does not contain record indexed by V value
                        Set associative array: A indexed by V = $1
                        A[V] = $1
                        Set associative array: M indexed by V = $1
                        M[V] = $1
        # END Block
        END {
                # For each element in indexed array: R
                for ( i = 1; i <= c; i++ )
                        # Split record separated by comma into array: T
                        n = split ( R[i], T, "," )
                        # Print records that are having duplicates and not having maximum value
                        if ( M[T[n]] != T[1] && M[T[n]] )
                                print T[1], T[n], "IS DUPLICATE OF \"" M[T[n]], T[n] "\""
' file

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PSC(1)							      General Commands Manual							    PSC(1)

psc - prepare sc files SYNOPSIS
psc [-fLkrSPv] [-s cell] [-R n] [-C n] [-n n] [-d c] DESCRIPTION
Psc is used to prepare data for input to the spreadsheet calculator sc(1). It accepts normal ascii data on standard input. Standard out- put is a sc file. With no options, psc starts the spreadsheet in cell A0. Strings are right justified. All data on a line is entered on the same row; new input lines cause the output row number to increment by one. The default delimiters are tab and space. The column for- mats are set to one larger than the number of columns required to hold the largest value in the column. OPTIONS
-f Omit column width calculations. This option is for preparing data to be merged with an existing spreadsheet. If the option is not specified, the column widths calculated for the data read by psc will override those already set in the existing spreadsheet. -L Left justify strings. -k Keep all delimiters. This option causes the output cell to change on each new delimiter encountered in the input stream. The default action is to condense multiple delimiters to one, so that the cell only changes once per input data item. -r Output the data by row first then column. For input consisting of a single column, this option will result in output of one row with multiple columns instead of a single column spreadsheet. -s cell Start the top left corner of the spreadsheet in cell. For example, -s B33 will arrange the output data so that the spreadsheet starts in column B, row 33. -R n Increment by n on each new output row. -C n Increment by n on each new output column. -n n Output n rows before advancing to the next column. This option is used when the input is arranged in a single column and the spreadsheet is to have multiple columns, each of which is to be length n. -d c Use the single character c as the delimiter between input fields. -P Plain numbers only. A field is a number only when there is no imbedded [-+eE]. -S All numbers are strings. -v Print the version of psc SEE ALSO
sc(1) AUTHOR
Robert Bond PSC 7.16 19 September 2002 PSC(1)

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