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One option is to install rsync on your source box, it's available via Sunfreeware - Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Sun Microsystem's Solaris (make sure you also get the dependancies if you dont have them)

If that is too much trouble and you have heaps of free diskspace on the source box (and dest box) you can tar the filesystem to a file, move it to source and extract there:

source % cd /unix/source
source % tar cf /scratch/source.tar .
source % rcp /scratch/source.tar dest:/scratch/source.tar
dest % cd /linux/source
dest % tar xf /scratch/source.tar

Otherwise, you could transfer the tar over ssh and extract all in one. Make sure you can connect first with something like source % ssh linux_box id
source % cd /unix/source
source % tar cf - . | ssh linux_box 'cd /linux/source ; tar xf -'


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SHAPE_TAR(1)						      General Commands Manual						      SHAPE_TAR(1)

shape_tar - shapeTools RMS bundle up subsystem in a tar or shar archive SYNOPSIS
shape tar[VERSIONS=<version_selection_rule>] [ARCHIVE=<filename>] shape shar[VERSIONS=<version_selection_rule>] [ARCHIVE=<filename>] DESCRIPTION
Shape tar and shape shar create a tar or a shar archive containing all source components of the current node in the system tree. All source components listed in the COMPONENTS macro in the Makefile and the release identification file (VERSIONFILE) are written to the archive. Components of subsystems are not included in the archive file. The VERSIONS macro may be set to specify a version selection rule to be active during archive file creation. Default is most_recent, selecting the most recent version of each component. See shape_stdrul(7) or the $(SHAPELIBPATH)/stdrules for other possible settings. You may also use self defined version selection rules as VERSIONS. ARCHIVE is the base name of the file where the output shall be written to. Default is $(SUBSYSTEMNAME). The output file gets the filename extension .tar (resp. .shar). When ARCHIVE=- is given, data will be written to standard output. SEE ALSO
shape_RMS(1), shape_stdrul(7) FILES

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