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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers processes Post 302591939 by riya9 on Saturday 21st of January 2012 10:47:00 PM
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may i know a command to find processes not attached to a terminal??
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Is it possible to have a main script (i will call it main.ksh) that executes say, 4 other scripts (sub_prog_1.ksh, sub_prog_2.ksh etc..) from within this main.ksh (simultaneously/in parallel), have them run in the background and communicate back to main.ksh when complete? My guess is to use... (1 Reply)
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What command string will locate ONLY the PID of a process and ouput only the number of PID of the process? (1 Reply)
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I need some example of Co-Processes

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Can someone tell how to find out how long a process has been running? I want to find something that is usually there that the paging system can check on. Thanks (4 Replies)
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I have a file like this. No. State Query Times User Processed Syslog 1 ready idle 973s 0 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript1562.syslog 2 ready idle 803s 83997 13 /Application/ugsvols/bldata01/logs/imanscript1542.syslog 3 ready idle 2954s 106641... (17 Replies)
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Monitoring Processes - Killing hung processes

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Identifying and grouping OS processes and APP processes

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Hi all, I needed a little help. It's OS thing. Suppose I have 2 machine connect over a network, I will call my machines as M1and M2. If I copy a files from M1 to M2. What tasks are these two machine performing for copy to work. My assumption is that M1 is performing read action and... (1 Reply)
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Finding the age of a unix process, killing old processes, killing zombie processes

I had issues with processes locking up. This script checks for processes and kills them if they are older than a certain time. Its uses some functions you'll need to define or remove, like slog() which I use for logging, and is_running() which checks if this script is already running so you can... (0 Replies)
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DISPLAYS(5)							File Formats Manual						       DISPLAYS(5)

displays - Display Configuration File DESCRIPTION
The interactive graphics programs Caesar, Magic, and Gremlin use two separate terminals: a text terminal from which commands are issued, and a color graphics terminal on which graphical output is displayed. These programs use a displays file to associate their text terminal with its corresponding display device. The displays file is an ASCII text file with one line for each text terminal/graphics terminal pair. Each line contains 4 items separated by spaces: the name of the port attached to a text terminal, the name of the port attached to the associated graphics terminal, the phos- phor type of the graphics terminal's monitor, and the type of graphics terminal. An applications program may use the phosphor type to select a color map tuned to the monitor's characteristics. Only the std phosphor type is supported at UC Berkeley. The graphics terminal type specifies the device driver a program should use when communicating with its graphics terminal. Magic supports types UCB512, AED1024, and SUN120. Other programs may recognize different display types. See the manual entry for your specific applica- tion for more information. A sample displays file is: /dev/ttyi1 /dev/ttyi0 std UCB512 /dev/ttyj0 /dev/ttyj1 std UCB512 /dev/ttyjf /dev/ttyhf std UCB512 /dev/ttyhb /dev/ttyhc std UCB512 /dev/ttyhc /dev/ttyhb std UCB512 (R) In this example, /dev/ttyi1 connects to a text terminal. An associated UCB512 graphics terminal with standard phosphor is connected to /dev/ttyi0. FILES
Magic uses the displays file ~cad/lib/displays. Gremlin looks in /usr/local/displays. SEE ALSO
magic(1) 3rd Berkeley Distribution 2/19/85 DISPLAYS(5)

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