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Operating Systems AIX Upgrading from native MPIO to SDDPCM AIX 6.1 Post 302513831 by Omaran on Thursday 14th of April 2011 07:00:27 AM
I went through this a while ago, if I remember correctly you can just install sddpcm and then reboot. The above commands you have posted are if you are upgrading sddpcm to another OS release - if you have a test lpar you could try it?

If not it won't hurt to do the above method, this is what I have done recently after upgrading from AIX 6.1 to 7.1 - I didn't do step 6 though, it's just easier to reboot Smilie

Don't forget to install the host attachment fileset for your relevent storage as well, the disks will look like this after (this is DS8000)

hdisk2 Available 09-08-02 IBM MPIO FC 2107
hdisk3 Available 09-08-02 IBM MPIO FC 2107
hdisk4 Available 09-08-02 IBM MPIO FC 2107
hdisk5 Available 09-08-02 IBM MPIO FC 2107
hdisk6 Available 09-08-02 IBM MPIO FC 2107
hdisk7 Available 09-08-02 IBM MPIO FC 2107

When all done you should be able to run the pcmpath query adapter command
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TR(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     TR(4)

tr -- TROPIC based shared memory Token-Ring cards device driver SYNOPSIS
tr0 at isa? port 0xa20 iomem 0xd800 irq ? tr* at isa? port ? irq ? tr* at isapnp? tr* at mca? slot ? tr* at pcmcia? function ? DESCRIPTION
The tr device driver supports TROPIC I based shared-memory Token-Ring cards. HARDWARE
Supported cards include the following IBM and 3Com models: IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter II IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter/A IBM Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter IBM Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter/A IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Credit Card Adapter IBM Token Ring Auto 16/4 Credit Card Adapter IBM Turbo 16/4 Token Ring PC Card IBM 16/4 ISA Adapter IBM Auto 16/4 Token-Ring ISA Adapter IBM Token Ring 16/4 Credit Card Adapter IBM Token Ring Auto 16/4 Credit Card Adapter IBM Turbo 16/4 Token Ring PC Card 3Com 3C619 TokenLink 3Com 3C319 TokenLink Velocity 3Com 3C389 TokenLink Velocity PC Card SOURCE ROUTING
Setting IFF_LINK0 enables Token-Ring source routing. Setting IFF_LINK1 uses all-routes broadcasts otherwise single-route broadcasts are used. NOTES
The MCA attachment has been only tested on IBM Token Ring 16/4 Adapter/A so far. It doesn't support ifmedia(4) yet, too. SEE ALSO
ifmedia(4), intro(4), isa(4), isapnp(4), mca(4), pcmcia(4), ifconfig(8) HISTORY
The tr driver appeared in NetBSD 1.4. BUGS
The PCMCIA attachment does not work with the cbb(4) CardBus driver. BSD
April 14, 1999 BSD

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