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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting changing a variable length text to a fixed length Post 302442065 by dc18 on Tuesday 3rd of August 2010 07:53:29 AM
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PHP Still need solution

Hi Scott,

Input file

01,10,000020,*,*,******,999999,00,,WERK 28 - BUS
01,10,000030,*,*,******,999999,00,,WERK 30 - UNIMOG
01,10,000065,*,*,******,999999,00,,WERK 65 - TRANSP.
01,00,100014,*,*,******,999999,20,,600 LANG 4-T RIG
01,00,100015,*,*,******,999999,20,,600 LANDAUER
01,00,100016,*,*,******,999999,20,,600 LANG 6-T RIG

Output from script, before and after, showing field length & text

   b4 change 13    WERK 28 - BUS
after change 72    WERK              28                -                 BUS
   b4 change 16    WERK 30 - UNIMOG
after change 72    WERK              30                -                 UNIMOG
     b4 change 9    LASTWAGEN
after change 18    LASTWAGEN
   b4 change 17    WERK 65 - TRANSP.
after change 72    WERK              65                -                 TRANSP.
     b4 change 6    DB-PKW
after change 18    DB-PKW
     b4 change 6    DB-LKW
after change 18    DB-LKW
     b4 change 3    600
after change 18    600
   b4 change 16    600 LANG 4-T RIG
after change 72    600               LANG              4-T               RIG
   b4 change 12    600 LANDAUER
after change 36    600               LANDAUER
   b4 change 16    600 LANG 6-T RIG
after change 72    600               LANG              6-T               RIG

Shell Script

cat infile | while read line
  field=`echo $line | cut -d',' -f10`
  echo "   b4 change ${#field}    $field"
  field=$(printf "%-18s" $field)
  echo "after change ${#field}    $field"


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XDrawImageString16()													      XDrawImageString16()

  XDrawImageString16 - draw 16-bit image text characters.

  XDrawImageString16(display, drawable, gc, x, y, string, length)
	Display *display;
	Drawable drawable;
	GC gc;
	int x, y;
	XChar2b *string;
	int length;

  display   Specifies a connection to an X server; returned from XOpenDisplay().

  drawable  Specifies the drawable.

  gc	    Specifies the graphics context.

  x	    Specify  the  x  and  y coordinates of the baseline starting position for the image text character, relative to the origin of the
  y	    specified drawable.

  string    Specifies the character string.

  length    Specifies the number of characters in the string argument.

  XDrawImageString16() draws a string, but unlike XDrawString16() it draws both the foreground and the	background  of	the  characters.   It
  draws the characters in the foreground and fills the bounding box with the background.

  XDrawImageString16()	uses  these  graphics  context	components:  plane_mask, foreground, background, font, subwindow_mode, clip_x_origin,
  clip_y_ origin, and clip_mask.  The function and fill_style defined in gc are ignored; the effective function is GXcopy and  the  effective
  fill_style is FillSolid.

  XDrawImageString16()	first  fills a destination rectangle with the background pixel defined in gc, and then paints the text with the fore-
  ground pixel.  The upper-left corner of the filled rectangle is at [x, y - font_ascent], the width is  overall->width  and  the  height  is
  ascent + descent, where overall->width, ascent, and descent are as would be returned by XQueryTextExtents16() using gc and string.

  For more information, see Volume One, Chapter 6, Drawing Graphics and Text, and Chapter 5, The Graphics Context.

     typedef struct {
	 unsigned char byte1;
	 unsigned char byte2;
     } XChar2b;


See Also
  XDrawImageString(), XDrawString(), XDrawString16(), XDrawText(), XDrawText16(), XQueryTextExtents(), XQueryTextExtents16(), XTextExtents(),
  XTextExtents16(), XTextWidth(), XTextWidth16().

Xlib - Text														      XDrawImageString16()

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