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RedHat 9 (Linux i386) - man page for xmtextfieldreplacewcs (redhat section 3)

XmTextFieldReplaceWcs(library call)						  XmTextFieldReplaceWcs(library call)

XmTextFieldReplaceWcs -- A TextField function that replaces part of a wide character string in a TextField widget
#include <Xm/TextF.h> void XmTextFieldReplaceWcs( Widget widget, XmTextPosition from_pos, XmTextPosition to_pos, wchar_t *wcstring);
XmTextFieldReplaceWcs replaces part of the wide character string in the TextField widget. The character posi- tions begin at 0 (zero) and are numbered sequentially from the beginning of the text. An example text replacement would be to replace the second and third characters in the text string. To accom- plish this, the parameter from_pos must be 1 and to_pos must be 3. To insert a string after the fourth charac- ter, both parameters, from_pos and to_pos, must be 4. This routine calls the widget's XmNvalueChangedCallback and verification callbacks, either XmNmodifyVerify- Callback or XmNmodifyVerifyCallbackWcs, or both. If both verification callback lists are registered, the pro- cedures of the XmNmodifyVerifyCallback list are executed first and the resulting data is passed to the XmNmod- ifyVerifyCallbackWcs callbacks. If the XmNcursorPosition resource is greater than or is the same value as from_pos, the XmNmotionVerifyCallback is called. widget Specifies the TextField widget ID from_pos Specifies the start position of the text to be replaced to_pos Specifies the end position of the text to be replaced wcstring Specifies the wide character string value to be added to the TextField widget For a complete definition of TextField and its associated resources, see XmTextField(3).
XmTextField(3) and XmTextFieldReplace(3). XmTextFieldReplaceWcs(library call)

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