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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting multidimensional arrays using awk Post 302368401 by multimulti on Wednesday 4th of November 2009 08:05:15 PM
Old 11-04-2009
multidimensional arrays using awk

i'm trying to use awk to count a listing similar to the following and get a report of the listing similar to the one below it.



I know how to do a count of the number of yes's and no's individually, but not together

can anyone help me with this? i'm trying to find examples of people using multidimensional arrays with awk, but haven't found any.

thanks in advance.

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gluPartialDisk - draw an arc of a disk C SPECIFICATION
void gluPartialDisk( GLUquadric* quad, GLdouble inner, GLdouble outer, GLint slices, GLint loops, GLdouble start, GLdouble sweep ) PARAMETERS
quad Specifies a quadrics object (created with gluNewQuadric). inner Specifies the inner radius of the partial disk (can be 0). outer Specifies the outer radius of the partial disk. slices Specifies the number of subdivisions around the z axis. loops Specifies the number of concentric rings about the origin into which the partial disk is subdivided. start Specifies the starting angle, in degrees, of the disk portion. sweep Specifies the sweep angle, in degrees, of the disk portion. DESCRIPTION
gluPartialDisk renders a partial disk on the z=0 plane. A partial disk is similar to a full disk, except that only the subset of the disk from start through start + sweep is included (where 0 degrees is along the +yaxis, 90 degrees along the +x axis, 180 degrees along the -y axis, and 270 degrees along the -x axis). The partial disk has a radius of outer, and contains a concentric circular hole with a radius of inner. If inner is 0, then no hole is gen- erated. The partial disk is subdivided around the z axis into slices (like pizza slices), and also about the z axis into rings (as speci- fied by slices and loops, respectively). With respect to orientation, the +z side of the partial disk is considered to be outside (see gluQuadricOrientation). This means that if the orientation is set to GLU_OUTSIDE, then any normals generated point along the +z axis. Otherwise, they point along the -z axis. If texturing is turned on (with gluQuadricTexture), texture coordinates are generated linearly such that where r=outer, the value at (r, 0, 0) is (1.0, 0.5), at (0, r, 0) it is (0.5, 1.0), at (-r, 0, 0) it is (0.0, 0.5), and at (0, -r, 0) it is (0.5, 0.0). SEE ALSO
gluCylinder(3G), gluDisk(3G), gluNewQuadric(3G), gluQuadricOrientation(3G), gluQuadricTexture(3G), gluSphere(3G) GLUPARTIALDISK(3G)

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