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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Space in a arg Post 302368096 by thegeek on Wednesday 4th of November 2009 06:22:32 AM
Old 11-04-2009
Quote it from where you are sending.... Again quoting is the answer.


Process 1: Get and prints the argument.

$ cat
echo $1 $2

: f1 is the file which has the given content

$ cat f1
products/100% Haddock Fillets  500G-small.gif
products/100% Haddock Fillets  500G.gif
products/2 Hot and Spicy  Grills 200G -small.gif
products/2 Hot and Spicy  Grills 200G.gif
products/2 Original  Fillet Burgers 180G -small.gif
products/2 Original  Fillet Burgers 180G.gif

Process 2: Reads lines, and calls the other process with the argument.

$ cat
while read line
#echo $line
sh ./ "$line"
done < ./f1

Note: When "" around line is there then it had been taken as a single argument...

I hope you have got it now as because i demonstrated enough ....

If needed, give without QUOTE in $line, then you will printing only first two words...

With Quote:
$ sh
products/100% Haddock Fillets 500G-small.gif
products/100% Haddock Fillets 500G.gif
products/2 Hot and Spicy Grills 200G -small.gif
products/2 Hot and Spicy Grills 200G.gif
products/2 Original Fillet Burgers 180G -small.gif
products/2 Original Fillet Burgers 180G.gif

Without Quote:

$ sh
products/100% Haddock
products/100% Haddock
products/2 Hot
products/2 Hot
products/2 Original
products/2 Original

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epm(1) - create software packages setup(1) - graphical setup program for the esp package manager COPYRIGHT
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