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concat(3tcl)						       Tcl Built-In Commands						      concat(3tcl)


concat - Join lists together SYNOPSIS
concat ?arg arg ...? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command joins each of its arguments together with spaces after trimming leading and trailing white-space from each of them. If all the arguments are lists, this has the same effect as concatenating them into a single list. It permits any number of arguments; if no args are supplied, the result is an empty string. EXAMPLES
Although concat will concatenate lists, flattening them in the process (so giving the following interactive session): % concat a b {c d e} {f {g h}} a b c d e f {g h} it will also concatenate things that are not lists, as can be seen from this session: % concat " a b {c " d " e} f" a b {c d e} f Note also that the concatenation does not remove spaces from the middle of values, as can be seen here: % concat "a b c" { d e f } a b c d e f (i.e., there are three spaces between each of the a, the b and the c). SEE ALSO
append(3tcl), eval(3tcl), join(3tcl) KEYWORDS
concatenate, join, lists Tcl 8.3 concat(3tcl)

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Tcl_Concat(3tcl)					      Tcl Library Procedures						  Tcl_Concat(3tcl)


Tcl_Concat - concatenate a collection of strings SYNOPSIS
#include <tcl.h> const char * Tcl_Concat(argc, argv) ARGUMENTS
int argc (in) Number of strings. const char *const argv[] (in) Array of strings to concatenate. Must have argc entries. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Tcl_Concat is a utility procedure used by several of the Tcl commands. Given a collection of strings, it concatenates them together into a single string, with the original strings separated by spaces. This procedure behaves differently than Tcl_Merge, in that the arguments are simply concatenated: no effort is made to ensure proper list structure. However, in most common usage the arguments will all be proper lists themselves; if this is true, then the result will also have proper list structure. Tcl_Concat eliminates leading and trailing white space as it copies strings from argv to the result. If an element of argv consists of nothing but white space, then that string is ignored entirely. This white-space removal was added to make the output of the concat command cleaner-looking. The result string is dynamically allocated using Tcl_Alloc; the caller must eventually release the space by calling Tcl_Free. SEE ALSO
Tcl_ConcatObj KEYWORDS
concatenate, strings Tcl 7.5 Tcl_Concat(3tcl)
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