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Full Discussion: AoE, iscsi and storage
Operating Systems Linux AoE, iscsi and storage Post 302364788 by iga3725 on Friday 23rd of October 2009 10:55:00 PM
Old 10-24-2009
AoE, iscsi and storage

Hi guys, I'd like to share experiences and knowledge about what should I use to install on a new storage server (with a lot of disks) in my network. What I want, is to move all domU's storage to this new storage server with AoE, iscsi or another thing. question:

1. Should I install openfiler or freenas or other NAS software on the storage or simple install a fresh linux operating system e.g, debian and use it as the AoE or iscsi target server?

What do you suggests? use a NAS software or not?

The scenario is:

1. several domU's working with the storage on the new server
2. Cisco switch between storage and domU's with LACP configure on the two ports used by the server
3. storage server with two NICs using bonding (802.3ad)

thanks tons
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aoe-stat(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       aoe-stat(8)

aoe-stat - print aoe device status report SYNOPSIS
modprobe aoe aoe-stat env sysfs_dir=/sys aoe-stat DESCRIPTION
The aoe-stat script collects information on ATA over Ethernet devices from sysfs. For each AoE device the kernel has discovered, there is one row in the script's output. Each row has the following columns. devicename The device name is of the form eX.Y, with X being the AoE device shelf address, and Y being the AoE slot address. size The size of the AoE device is in gigabytes (billions of bytes). ifname The network interface name is printed in the third column. payload The number of bytes read from or written to the storage target in each AoE packet appears in the fourth column, unless the aoe driver does not export this information. status The device status is in the last column. Possible values are up, down, and down,closewait. The "up" status means the aoe driver considers this device ready for I/O. The "down" status means the opposite. The "down,closewait" status means that some software still has the device open, and when this straggler closes the device, it will enter the "down" state. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
If the sysfs_dir variable is set in the environment, it will override the default location where aoe-stat will look for sysfs, namely /sys. WARNINGS
If the minor device number of a device node does not match that of its namesake, aoe-stat will print a warning as shown below. nai:~# aoe-stat e0.3 0.104GB eth0 up e0.4 4398.046GB eth0 up e20.0 1000.215GB eth0 up e42.0 2000.431GB eth0 up aoe-stat Warning: device node /dev/etherd/e45.1 has wrong minor device number e45.1 1152.874GB eth0 up Using such a device node is dangerous, because its name doesn't match the actual device that you would be reading from and writing to. Such a broken device node should be removed. Device nodes are created by udev or (on systems without udev) by aoe-mkdevs. EXAMPLE
In this example, the root user on a host named nai loads the aoe driver module and then prints a list of all the available aoe devices. Then he remembers to bring up the storage network interfaces, does an AoE discovery, and prints the list again. This time the list shows all the devices in shelf seven. nai:~# modprobe aoe nai:~# aoe-stat nai:~# ifconfig eth3 up nai:~# aoe-discover nai:~# aoe-stat e0.0 10995.116GB eth0 up e0.1 10995.116GB eth0 up e0.2 10995.116GB eth0 up e1.0 1152.874GB eth0 up e7.0 370.566GB eth0 up nai:~# SEE ALSO
aoe-discover(8), aoe-interfaces(8), aoe-mkdevs(8), aoe-mkshelf(8), aoetools(8), udev(7). AUTHOR
Ed L. Cashin ( aoe-stat(8)

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