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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Permissions trouble with WebDav Post 302356580 by osksp on Saturday 26th of September 2009 07:05:24 AM
Old 09-26-2009
Permissions trouble with WebDav


I need some advice about using WebDav in Mac OS 10.5

My problem is that I mount a WebDav folder in the hard drive pointing to a webdav directory service running under apache (it's Alfresco, if you know it) but the permissions of this directory, when mounted, are only for the user who has mounted it. When I try to access the directory through an application running in the apache, it runs like other user (appserver in this case, the system's default) so it can't read or write in this directory.

I try to change the folder's owner/permissions but it is not possible (access denied, using sudo...). So my question is: is there anyway of changing this folder permissions/owner when it is mounted? Or allowing the system's default user accessing this folder?

I mount it this way:

sudo mount -t webdav <webdav_directory_host> <folder_in_hard_drive>

and the permissions are:

drwx------ myuser

If you can help me it would be great! And sorry for my English, I'm still studying it.
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MOUNT_MSDOS(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					    MOUNT_MSDOS(8)

mount_msdos -- mount an MS-DOS file system SYNOPSIS
mount_msdos [-9Gls] [-g gid] [-M mask] [-m mask] [-o options] [-t gmtoff] [-u uid] special node DESCRIPTION
The mount_msdos command attaches the MS-DOS filesystem residing on the device special to the global filesystem namespace at the location indicated by node. Both special and node are converted to absolute paths before use. This command is normally executed by mount(8) at boot time, but can be used by any user to mount an MS-DOS file system on any directory that they own (provided, of course, that they have appro- priate access to the device that contains the file system). Support for FAT16 and VFAT32 as well as long file names is available. The options are as follows: -9 Ignore the special Win'95 directory entries even if deleting or renaming a file. This forces -s. -G This option causes the filesystem to be interpreted as an Atari-Gemdos filesystem. The differences to the MS-DOS filesystem are minimal and limited to the boot block. This option also allows mounting X680x0's Human68k floppies. This option enforces -s. -g gid Set the group of the files in the file system to gid. The default group is the group of the directory on which the file system is being mounted. -l Force listing and generation of Win'95 long filenames and separate creation/modification/access dates. If neither -s nor -l are given, mount_msdos searches the root directory of the filesystem to be mounted for any existing Win'95 long filenames. If the filesystem is not empty and no such entries are found, -s is the default. Otherwise -l is assumed. -M mask Specify the maximum file permissions for directories in the file system. The value of -m is used if it is supplied and -M is omitted. -m mask Specify the maximum file permissions for files in the file system. (For example, a mask of 755 specifies that, by default, the owner should have read, write, and execute permissions for files, but others should only have read and execute permissions. See chmod(1) for more information about octal file modes.) Only the nine low-order bits of mask are used. The value of -M is used if it is supplied and -m is omitted. The default mask is taken from the directory on which the file system is being mounted. -o options Use the specified mount options, as described in mount(8). -s Force behaviour to ignore and not generate Win'95 long filenames. See also -l. -t gmtoff Set the time zone offset (in seconds) from UTC to gmtoff, with positive values indicating east of the Prime Meridian. If not set, the user's current time zone will be used. -u uid Set the owner of the files in the file system to uid. The default owner is the owner of the directory on which the file system is being mounted. EXAMPLES
To remove the 'execute' permission bit for all files, but still keep directories searchable, use: mount_msdos -m 0644 -M 0755 /dev/wd0e /msdos SEE ALSO
mount(2), unmount(2), fstab(5), mount(8) HISTORY
The mount_msdos utility first appeared in NetBSD 0.9. Its predecessor, the mount_pcfs utility appeared in NetBSD 0.8, and was abandoned in favor of the more aptly-named mount_msdos. BUGS
Compressed partitions are not supported. The use of the -9 flag could result in damaged filesystems, albeit the damage is in part taken care of by procedures similar to the ones used in Win'95. BSD
November 16, 2012 BSD

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