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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Editing long records with characters that need to be escaped. Post 302350192 by Macs_Linux on Thursday 3rd of September 2009 04:39:13 AM
Old 09-03-2009
Thank you for the info, I'll search something about it.


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TORRUS_NODEID(8)						      torrus							  TORRUS_NODEID(8)

nodeid - Torrus utility SYNOPSIS
torrus nodeid --tree=TREENAME --cmd=CMD options... DESCRIPTION
This command provides a way to integrate Torrus with external OSS systems. It operates with nodeid, a unique identifier for Torrus datasource subtrees and leaves. The command prints the data on the standard output in JSON data format. OPTIONS
--tree=TREE [Mandatory] Defines the datasouerce tree. --cmd=CMD [Mandatory] Defines the action command. The following commands are supported: o info Prints information about the nodeid. Requires --nodeid. o search Performs a prefix or substring search on node IDs and prints the results. Requires --prefix or --substring. o render Renders a specified datasource node and prints the resulting MIME type and the file name. Requires --nodeid and --view. Optional --out defines a file name to copy the output to. --nodeid=NODEID Specifies the Node ID string for the commands info and render. --details Toggles verbose output for the commands info and search. --prefix=STR Specifies the prefix search string for the command search. --substring=STR Specifies the search substring for the command search. --view=VIEW Specifies the view name for the command render. The following views are defined by standard Torrus XML files and render a PNG graph: "short", "last24h-small", "last24h", "lastweek", "lastmonth", "lastyear". The following views are printing the datasource value in a text format: "rrd-print-daily", "rrd-print-last". --out=FILE If defined, instructs the utility to copy the rendered data into a specified file. Otherwise the file is created in the standard renderer's cache directory. --help Displays a help message. SEE ALSO
torrus(8) NOTES
See more documentation at Torrus home page: http://torrus.org AUTHOR
Stanislav Sinyagin <ssinyagin@yahoo.com> torrus 2.03 2013-07-26 TORRUS_NODEID(8)

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