"issue with PATH"

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Full Discussion: issue with PATH
Might be a dead link?

file /usr/local/bin/git
What is it? Does this command fail?

ls -la /usr/local/bin/git
(Is it a link? Does the other end of the link exist?)

ls -laL /usr/local/bin/git
(Is the link count zero)

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The mkdir command will create a new directory even if the user does not have the required permissions to write to the parent directory of the new directory.
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::FILE=IO(0X1A0D0D8)(1) EN Tools IO::FILE=IO(0X1A0D0D8)(1) NAME
WMk - Website META Language Make VERSION
2.0.12 (16-Apr-2008) SYNOPSIS
wmk [-a] [-A WILDMAT] [-F WILDMAT] [-x PATH] [-X PATH] [-a] [-f] [-n] [-r] [WML-options] [path ...] wmk [-V] [-h] DESCRIPTION
This is the high-level frontend to the Website META Language (WML), a free HTML generation toolkit for Unix, internally consisting of 9 independent languages. See wml(1) for more details on WML. Use this command to run wml on a bunch of .wml files either directly given on the command line as path or found via directory traversal in path. WMk recognizes WML's shebang lines (``"#!wml" options'') in the .wml files and automatically adds options to the command line of wml when invoking it for this particular file. OPTIONS
-a, --all Specifies that WMk should recursively process all .wml files it finds in path. -A, --accept=WILDMAT Accepts (=includes) all files matched by the shell wildcard pattern WILDMAT for processing. WMk always has a pre-configured ``"-A *.wml"'' option which forces it to process all WML files per default. This option is only used when path is a directory. -F, --forget=WILDMAT Forgets (=exclude) all files and directories matched by the shell wildcard pattern WILDMAT which were previously accepted by option -A. -o, --outputfile=PATH Specifies output files. When this flag is used in .wmlrc, the same flag must be put in .wmkrc to let WMk know when to rebuild these output files. -x, --exec-prolog=PATH Executes PATH in the local context of path before the WML commands are run. This options is only used when path is a directory. -X, --exec-epilog=PATH Executes PATH in the local context of path after the WML commands are run. This options is only used when path is a directory. -f, --force Forces the creation of output files. Usually WMk tries to determine if the input file was really modified and skips WML invocations if the output files are still up-to-date. -n, --nop Sets no-operation (nop) where WMk runs as usual but does not actually invoce the wml commands. Use this option to see what wmk would do. -r, --norcfile This forces WMk to ignore all .wmkrc and WML to ignore all .wmlrc files. -V, --version Gives the version identification string of WMk. Use this to determine the version of a installed WML toolkit. -h, --help Prints the usage summary page. All WML-options directly correspond to their counterparts in wml(1) because they are just forwarded by wmk except the -n and -o options which are implicitly created by wmk for each wml invocation. USER FILES
$HOME/.wmkrc and (../)*.wmkrc These files can also contain option strings, one option per line. One may use this file to exclude some directories from being searched for input files -F images -F templates ... CAVEAT
Auto-adjusted variables specfied as -DNAME~PATH on the wmk command-line will not necessarily have the same effect as a similar definition in a ./.wmlrc file. This is because, when processing sub-directories, wmk changes its working directory to each of those directories, which can influence the interpolation of such auto-adjusted variables. When specified on the command line, such variables are interpolated with respect to wml's current working directory at the time of its invocation. So, if you wish such variables to be interpolated relative to wmk's current working directory at the time of its invocation, one can work-around this issue by specifying -DNAME~PATH in a .wmlrc in that directory rather than specifying it on the wmk command-line. AUTHORS
Ralf S. Engelschall rse@engelschall.com www.engelschall.com Denis Barbier barbier@engelschall.com SEE ALSO
wml(1), wml_intro(1) EN Tools 2014-04-16 IO::FILE=IO(0X1A0D0D8)(1)

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