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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Trouble with part of an exercise Post 302337904 by Franklin52 on Sunday 26th of July 2009 08:39:25 AM
Old 07-26-2009
Originally Posted by Phass
Many thanks, it works !! But can u explain me why or what is NR == 2 ???

Many many thanks
The command reads the first value on the second line of the command ls -l. The first line is something like: total xxx.


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page_util_quote(n)					      Parser generator tools						page_util_quote(n)


page_util_quote - page character quoting utilities SYNOPSIS
package require page::util::quote ?0.1? package require snit ::page::util::quote::unquote char ::page::util::quote::quote'tcl char ::page::util::quote::quote'tclstr char ::page::util::quote::quote'tclcom char _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides a few utility commands to convert characters into various forms. API
::page::util::quote::unquote char A character, as stored in an abstract syntax tree by a PEG processor (See the packages grammar::peg::interpreter, grammar::me, and their relations), i.e. in some quoted form, is converted into the equivalent Tcl character. The character is returned as the result of the command. ::page::util::quote::quote'tcl char This command takes a Tcl character (internal representation) and converts it into a string which is accepted by the Tcl parser, will regenerate the character in question and is 7bit ASCII. The string is returned as the result of this command. ::page::util::quote::quote'tclstr char This command takes a Tcl character (internal representation) and converts it into a string which is accepted by the Tcl parser and will generate a human readable representation of the character in question. The string is returned as the result of this command. The string does not use any unprintable characters. It may use backslash-quoting. High UTF characters are quoted to avoid problems with the still prevalent ascii terminals. It is assumed that the string will be used in a double-quoted environment. ::page::util::quote::quote'tclcom char This command takes a Tcl character (internal representation) and converts it into a string which is accepted by the Tcl parser when used within a Tcl comment. The string is returned as the result of this command. BUGS, IDEAS, FEEDBACK This document, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category page of the Tcllib SF Trackers [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=12883]. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have. KEYWORDS
page, parser generator, quoting, text processing CATEGORY
Page Parser Generator COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2007 Andreas Kupries <andreas_kupries@users.sourceforge.net> page 1.0 page_util_quote(n)

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