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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Script to Reprogramme Keyboard? Post 302336765 by georgeodowd on Wednesday 22nd of July 2009 07:14:24 PM
Old 07-22-2009
Script to Reprogramme Keyboard?

This might be sort of an oddball question, but enthusiastic Google searching hasn't led me in any promising directions, whether due to lack of knowledge on my part or the fact that no one is as mean-spirited.

So, let's say I knew this ridiculously awful person, who just happened to regularly leave out semi-colons in shared PHP code, thereby breaking a website that a number of people are working on during the day. Let's say that when various entities point out the issue, this person spends at least 15 minutes trying to 'debug' the problem, despite being given the line number of the error by numerous shouting voices around the office (we just take a lot of coffee breaks now).

Say one of these frustrated workers came up with an idea one day to reprogramme this guy's keyboard so every 20th key he hit was a semi-colon, or else, to just make every key always be a semi-colon. Is there a way, either through the terminal or via a script that could be dumped somewhere, to do this?

The offender has a mac running OSX, and regularly leaves it logged in and unattended. However, he's never gone for very long, so whatever needed to be done would have to be done quickly.

Believe me, if I listed the amount of annoying things this guy did, you'd understand that he really has this coming. An entire office of PHP developers would thank you for your help, not only for the bellyache they would get laughing, but also for the distraction from the code base this would provide! Smilie
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GPIOLED(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						GPIOLED(4)

gpioled -- GPIO LED generic device driver SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device gpio device gpioled DESCRIPTION
The gpioled driver provides glue to attach a led(4) compatible device to a GPIO pin. Each LED in the system has a name which is used to export a device as /dev/led/<name>. The GPIO pin can then be controlled by writing to this device as described in led(4). On a device.hints(5) based system, like MIPS, these values are configurable for gpioled: The gpiobus you are attaching to. Normally assigned to gpiobus0. Arbitrary name of device in /dev/led/ to create for led(4). hint.gpioled.%d.pins Which pin on the GPIO interface to map to this instance. Please note that this mask should only ever have one bit set (any other bits - i.e., pins - will be ignored). On a FDT(4) based system, like ARM, the DTS part for a gpioled device usually looks like: gpio: gpio { gpio-controller; ... led0 { compatible = "gpioled"; gpios = <&gpio 16 2 0>; /* GPIO pin 16. */ name = "ok"; }; led1 { compatible = "gpioled"; gpios = <&gpio 17 2 0>; /* GPIO pin 17. */ name = "user-led1"; }; }; Optionally, you can choose to combine all the LEDs under a single ``gpio-leds'' compatible node: simplebus0 { ... leds { compatible = "gpio-leds"; led0 { gpios = <&gpio 16 2 0>; name = "ok" }; led1 { gpios = <&gpio 17 2 0>; name = "user-led1" }; }; }; Both methods are equally supported and it is possible to have the LEDs defined with any sort of mix between the methods. The only restric- tion is that a GPIO pin cannot be mapped by two different (gpio)leds. For more details about the gpios property, please consult /usr/src/sys/boot/fdt/dts/bindings-gpio.txt. The property name is the arbitrary name of the device in /dev/led/ to create for led(4). SEE ALSO
fdt(4), gpio(4), gpioiic(4), led(4) HISTORY
The gpioled manual page first appeared in FreeBSD 10.1. AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Luiz Otavio O Souza. BSD
May 14, 2014 BSD

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