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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Script to Reprogramme Keyboard? Post 302336765 by georgeodowd on Wednesday 22nd of July 2009 07:14:24 PM
Old 07-22-2009
Script to Reprogramme Keyboard?

This might be sort of an oddball question, but enthusiastic Google searching hasn't led me in any promising directions, whether due to lack of knowledge on my part or the fact that no one is as mean-spirited.

So, let's say I knew this ridiculously awful person, who just happened to regularly leave out semi-colons in shared PHP code, thereby breaking a website that a number of people are working on during the day. Let's say that when various entities point out the issue, this person spends at least 15 minutes trying to 'debug' the problem, despite being given the line number of the error by numerous shouting voices around the office (we just take a lot of coffee breaks now).

Say one of these frustrated workers came up with an idea one day to reprogramme this guy's keyboard so every 20th key he hit was a semi-colon, or else, to just make every key always be a semi-colon. Is there a way, either through the terminal or via a script that could be dumped somewhere, to do this?

The offender has a mac running OSX, and regularly leaves it logged in and unattended. However, he's never gone for very long, so whatever needed to be done would have to be done quickly.

Believe me, if I listed the amount of annoying things this guy did, you'd understand that he really has this coming. An entire office of PHP developers would thank you for your help, not only for the bellyache they would get laughing, but also for the distraction from the code base this would provide! Smilie
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Net::Google::Code(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    Net::Google::Code(3pm)

Net::Google::Code - a simple client library for google code SYNOPSIS
use Net::Google::Code; my $project = Net::Google::Code->new( project => 'net-google-code' ); $project->load; # load its metadata, e.g. summary, owners, members, etc. print join(', ', @{ $project->owners } ); # return a Net::Google::Code::Issue object, of which the id is 30 $project->issue( id => 30 ); # return a Net::Google::Code::Download object, of which the file name is # 'FooBar-0.01.tar.gz' $project->download( name => 'FooBar-0.01.tar.gz' ); # return a Net::Google::Code::Wiki object, of which the page name is 'Test' $project->wiki( name => 'Test' ); # loads all the downloads $project->load_downloads; my $downloads = $project->downloads; # loads all the wikis $project->load_wikis; my $wikis = $project->wikis; DESCRIPTION
Net::Google::Code is a simple client library for projects hosted in Google Code. Since 0.15, Net::Google::Code offers google's official issues api support. Besides the new "Net::Google::Code::Issue::list", "Net::Google::Code::Issue::Comment::list" and <Net::Googlel::Code::Issue::load_comments> methods, which use the api from start, you can set $Net::Google::Code::Issue::USE_HYBRID to true to load, create and update issue with the api too. But the official api is not function complete yet( e.g. no attachment support, can't merge, etc. ), Net::Google::Code will back to the scraping way to accomplish those stuff. ATTRIBUTES
project the project name email, password user's email and password, used to authenticate base_url the project homepage base_svn_url the project svn url (without trunk) base_feeds_url the project feeds url summary description labels owners members INTERFACE
load load project's home page, and parse its metadata parse acturally do the parse job, for load(); load_downloads load all the downloads, and store them as an arrayref in $self->downloads load_wikis load all the wikis, and store them as an arrayref in $self->wikis issue return a new Net::Google::Code::Issue object, arguments will be passed to Net::Google::Code::Issue's new method. download return a new Net::Google::Code::Download object, arguments will be passed to Net::Google::Code::Download's new method. wiki return a new Net::Google::Code::Wiki object, arguments will be passed to Net::Google::Code::Wiki's new method. DEPENDENCIES
Any::Moose, HTML::TreeBuilder, WWW::Mechanize, Params::Validate XML::FeedPP, DateTime, JSON, URI::Escape, MIME::Types, File::MMagic INCOMPATIBILITIES
No bugs have been reported. This project is very very young, and api is not stable yet, so don't use this in production, at least for now. AUTHOR
sunnavy "<>" Fayland Lam "<>" LICENCE AND COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2008-2010 Best Practical Solutions. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.10.1 2010-04-26 Net::Google::Code(3pm)

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