Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting I could not receive the mail sent from the unix server using 'mailx' Post 302332087 by little_wonder on Wednesday 8th of July 2009 06:37:08 AM
MySQL I could not receive the mail sent from the unix server using 'mailx'

Hi All,

I have sent a mail to my gmail id using the below command.

echo " " | mailx -s "sub"

I didn't get any error notification. But still I didn't receive that mail still..

please help me to learn how to send mail to other provider (Yahoo/gmail) from unix server.

Thank you all in advance!!
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PIUS(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   PIUS(1)

pius - PGP Individual UID Signer SYNOPSIS
pius [options] -s <signer-keyid> <keyid> [<keyid> ...] pius [options] -A -r <keyring-path> -s <signer-keyid> DESCRIPTION
pius The PGP Individual UID Signer (PIUS) is a tool for individually signing all of the UIDs on a set of keys and encrypt-emailing each one to it's respective email address. This drastically reduces the time and errors involved in signing keys after a keysigning party. OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h or --help show this help message and exit -a or --use-agent Use pgp-agent instead of letting gpg prompt the user or every UID. [default: false] -A or --all-keys Sign all keys on the keyring. Requires -r. -b PATH or --gpg-path=PATH Path to gpg binary. [default: /usr/bin/gpg] -e or --encrypt-outfiles Encrypt output files with respective keys. -d or --debug Enable debugging output. -H HOSTNAME or --mail-host Hostname of SMTP server. [default: localhost] -i or --interactive Use the pexpect module for signing and drop to the gpg shell for entering the passphrase. [default: false] -I or --import Also import the unsigned keys from the keyring into the default keyring. Ignored if -r is not specified, or if it's the same as the default keyring. -m EMAIL or --mail Email the encrypted, signed keys to the respective email addresses. EMAIL is the address to send from. See also -H and -p. -M FILE or --mail-text Use the text in FILE as the body of email when sending out emails instead of the default text. To see the default text use --print- default-email. Requires -m. -n EMAIL or --override-email Rather than send to the user, send to this address. Mostly useful for debugging. -o OUTDIR or --out-dir Directory to put signed keys in. [default: /tmp/pius_out] -O or --no-pgp-mime Do not use PGP/Mime when sending email. -p or --cache-passphrase Cache private key passphrase in memory and provide it to gpg instead of letting gpg prompt the user for every UID. [default: true] -P PORT or --mail-port Port of SMTP server. [default: 25] -r KEYRING or --keyring The keyring to use. Be sure to specify full or relative path. Just a filename will cause GPG to assume relative to ~/.gnupg. [default: ~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg] -s SIGNER or --signer The keyid to sign with (required). -S or --mail-tls Use STARTTLS when talking to the SMTP server. -t TMP_DIR or --tmp-dir Directory to put temporary stuff in. [default: /tmp/pius_tmp] -T or --print-default-email Print the default email. -u USER or --mail-user Authenticate to the SMTP server, and use username USER. You will be prompted for the password. Implies -S. -v or --verbose Be more verbose. AUTHOR
PIUS was written by Phil Dibowitz <> This manual page was written by Luke Cycon <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). MARCH 2010 PIUS(1)

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