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Specify Mail server in mailx

Dear All,

I am using HP-UNIX. I want to specify host in mailx command line.

A -> B

I am in Server A. And run a mailx command line to send mail to abc@xyz.com. But Server A don't know where xyz.com is.

It needs to send this mail to Server B to help him to send mail to xyz.com.

How in the mailx command to specify server B?


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You do not specify this on the command line. Assuming you are using sendmail as your MTA (the default on HP-UX), you need to modify your /etc/mail/sendmail.cf file. Look for the line that reads "# "Smart" relay host (may be null)".
Modify that directive to include the hostname of your relay. Example:


(note that the letters "DS" are part of the command syntax and should be immediately followed by a hostname)

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