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Full Discussion: Help with task daemon
Top Forums Programming Help with task daemon Post 302305405 by james2432 on Wednesday 8th of April 2009 08:38:34 PM
Old 04-08-2009
            int rc;
            rc=system("ps ux | awk '/mplayer/ && !/awk/ {print $2}'"); 
          rc = WEXITSTATUS(rc); /* Check if mplayer is running */ 
       if(rc > 0 ){
              printf("i was here");
              pid = fork(); 
                if (pid == 0)  

It never gets to "i was here"
i'm trying to get the process ID so I can check if it is running then relaunch it...right now it just doesn't launch anything. and for the daemon part, I am aware that it's not reall daemonesk but I want to be able to stop it
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HOBBITD_CHANNEL(8)					      System Manager's Manual						HOBBITD_CHANNEL(8)

hobbitd_channel - Feed a hobbitd channel to a worker module SYNOPSIS
hobbitd_channel --channel=CHANNEL [options] workerprogram [worker-options] DESCRIPTION
hobbitd_channel hooks into one of the hobbitd(8) channels that provide information about events occurring in the Xymon system. It retrieves messages from the hobbitd daemon, and passes them on to the workerprogram on the STDIN (file descripter 1) of the worker program. Worker programs can then handle messages as they like. A number of worker programs are shipped with hobbitd, e.g. hobbitd_filestore(8) hobbitd_history(8) hobbitd_alert(8) hobbitd_rrd(8) If you want to write your own worker module, a sample worker module is provided as part of the hobbitd distribution in the hobbitd_sample.c file. This illustrates how to easily fetch and parse messages. OPTIONS
hobbitd_channel accepts a few options. --channel=CHANNELNAME Specifies the channel to receive messages from, only one channel can be used. This option is required. The following channels are available: "status" receives all Xymon status- and summary-messages "stachg" receives information about status changes "page" receives information about statuses triggering alerts "data" receives all Xymon "data" messages "notes" receives all Xymon "notes" messages "enadis" receives information about hosts being disabled or enabled. --daemon hobbitd_channel is normally started by hobbitlaunch(8) as a task defined in the hobbitlaunch.cfg(5) file. If you are not using hob- bitlaunch, then starting hobbitd_channel with this option causes it to run as a stand-alone background task. --pidfile=FILENAME If running as a stand-alone daemon, hobbitd_channel will save the proces-ID of the daemon in FILENAME. This is useful for automated startup- and shutdown- scripts. --env=FILENAME Loads the environment variables defined in FILENAME before starting hobbitd_channel. This is normally used only when running as a stand-alone daemon; if hobbitd_channel is started by hobbitlaunch, then the environment is controlled by the task definition in the hobbitlaunch.cfg(5) file. --log=FILENAME Redirect output to this log-file. --debug Enable debugging output. FILES
This program does not use any configuration files. SEE ALSO
hobbitd(8), xymon(7) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 HOBBITD_CHANNEL(8)

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