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pcastctl(8) [osx man page]

pcastctl(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					       pcastctl(8)

pcastctl -- Podcast Producer daemons control interface SYNOPSIS
pcastctl status target on|off|start|stop|restart OPTIONS
The available options are as follows: status print status of running daemons target affect agent or server daemon start|stop|restart explicitly start/stop/restart daemon. Note that 'restart' will kill all instances of a given daemon, as will 'stop' if none is specified in the pid file. RETURN VALUES
0 Completed succesfully. 1 Action failed 10 Not run as root. 50 Target not recognized: use 'a', or 's'. 51 Action not recognized: use start|stop|restart 52 Executables not found; may need to reinstall Podcast Producer. 53 Process directory not found; may need to reinstall Mac OS X. 54 Timeout waiting for action to complete. 55 Launchd manipulation failure. FILES
/usr/libexec/podcastproducer/pcastagentd Podcast Producer agent daemon /usr/share/podcastproducer/pcastserverd Podcast Producer server daemon /var/run/ Podcast Producer agent process ID /var/run/ Podcast Producer server process ID /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ Launchd agent daemon control file /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ Launchd server daemon control file EXAMPLES
status of Podcast Producer agent daemon $ pcastctl agent status edit launchd configuration to launch server on system startup $ pcastctl server on DIAGNOSTICS
Warning: Warning: ## copies of (pcastagentd|pcastserverd) already running Trying to launch another daemon when one or more already running; will usually succeed, but may cause unpredictable behavior. See also RETURN VALUES, above. ERRORS
Error: failed to launch (executable) Tried to start/restart a give daemon, but failed. Error: process 'executable' not currently running Tried to kill a process which did not exist. SEE ALSO
pcast(1) launchd(8) HISTORY
This program was first introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard". It was inspired by xgridctl(8). BUGS
pcastctl(8) uses kill -TERM to allow the daemons a chance to die gracefully; there is currently no way to force a kill -KILL. Bug reports can be sent to Feedback can be sent to Mac OS September 29, 2004 Mac OS

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SystemStarter(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					  SystemStarter(8)

SystemStarter -- Start, stop, and restart system services SYNOPSIS
SystemStarter [-gvxdDqn] [action [service]] DESCRIPTION
The SystemStarter utility is deprecated. System services should instead be described by a launchd.plist(5). See launchd(8) for more details. The launchd utility is available on Mac OS X 10.4 and later. In earlier versions of Mac OS X, the SystemStarter utility is used to start, stop, and restart the system services which are described in the /Library/StartupItems/ and /System/Library/StartupItems/ paths. The optional action argument specifies which action SystemStarter performs on the startup items. The optional service argument specifies which startup items to perform the action on. If no service is specified, all startup items will be acted on; otherwise, only the item pro- viding the service, any items it requires, or any items that depend on it will be acted on. During boot SystemStarter is invoked by launchd(8) and is responsible for starting all startup items in an order that satisfies each item's requirements. ACTIONS
start start all items, or start the item that provides the specified service and all items providing services it requires. stop stop all items, or stop the item that provides the specified service and all items that depend on it. restart restart all items, or restart the item providing the specified service. OPTIONS
-g (ignored) -v verbose (text mode) startup -x (ignored) -r (ignored) -d print debugging output -D print debugging output and dependencies -q be quiet (disable debugging output) -n don't actually perform action on items (no-run mode) NOTES
Unless an explicit call to ConsoleMessage is made, SystemStarter examines the exit status of the startup item scripts to determine the suc- cess or failure of the services provided by that script. FILES
/Library/StartupItems/ User-installed startup items. /System/Library/StartupItems/ System-provided startup items. SEE ALSO
ConsoleMessage(8), launchd(8), launchd.plist(5), rc(8) HISTORY
The SystemStarter utility appeared in Darwin 1.0 and was extended in Darwin 6.0 to support partial startup and interprocess communication. SystemStarter was deprecated by launchd(8) in Darwin 8.0. Darwin April 12, 2002 Darwin

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