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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Compare two files and output diff to third file Post 302239890 by altamaha on Wednesday 24th of September 2008 04:07:02 PM
Thanks Franklin.... just what I needed. I had to use another version of grep to allow the -f to work.

/usr/xpg4/bin/grep -v -f $file2 $file1 > $file3


I did search and came up with lots of hits, and I tried several of them, using comm, uniq, diff, etc. I felt I needed to show my utility to the group and someone would see my simple processes and help me keep it that way. I would love to be able to just sit down and sream out some perl code, but I am a few lessons short of that at this time.

Thanks again to all of this board. You have helped me every time I came to you.

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XZDIFF(1)							     XZ Utils								 XZDIFF(1)

xzcmp, xzdiff, lzcmp, lzdiff - compare compressed files SYNOPSIS
xzcmp [cmp_options] file1 [file2] xzdiff [diff_options] file1 [file2] lzcmp [cmp_options] file1 [file2] lzdiff [diff_options] file1 [file2] DESCRIPTION
xzcmp and xdiff invoke cmp(1) or diff(1) on files compressed with xz(1), lzma(1), gzip(1), or bzip2(1). All options specified are passed directly to cmp or diff. If only one file is specified, then the files compared are file1 (which must have a suffix of a supported com- pression format) and file1 from which the compression format suffix has been stripped. If two files are specified, then they are uncom- pressed if necessary and fed to cmp(1) or diff(1). The exit status from cmp or diff is preserved. The names lzcmp and lzdiff are provided for backward compatibility with LZMA Utils. SEE ALSO
cmp(1), diff(1), xz(1), gzip(1), bzip2(1), zdiff(1) BUGS
Messages from the cmp(1) or diff(1) programs refer to temporary filenames instead of those specified. Tukaani 2009-07-05 XZDIFF(1)

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