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Full Discussion: OpenBoot OEM Logo
Operating Systems Solaris OpenBoot OEM Logo Post 302187189 by sparcguy on Saturday 19th of April 2008 11:13:50 PM
Old 04-20-2008
Years ago I used know this very talented programmer/unix field engineer back in the field service teams he actually managed to replace the sun logo with a somewhat greyish photograph of his girlfiriend, I was very amazed, this guy is a tinkerer I still dunno how he did it but I know played around extensively with forte and obp.Smilie

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BEASTIE.4TH(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					    BEASTIE.4TH(8)

beastie.4th -- FreeBSD ASCII art boot module DESCRIPTION
The file that goes by the name of beastie.4th is a set of commands designed to draw the ASCII art FreeBSD mascot -- known simply as beastie -- to the right of the boot loader menu. The commands of beastie.4th by themselves are not enough for most uses. Please refer to the exam- ples below for the most common situations, and to loader(8) for additional commands. Before using any of the commands provided in beastie.4th, it must be included through the command: include beastie.4th This line is present in the default /boot/loader.rc file, so it is not needed (and should not be re-issued) in a normal setup. The commands provided by it are: draw-beastie Draws the FreeBSD logo. The logo that is drawn is configured by setting the loader_logo variable in loader.conf(5) to one of ``beastie'', ``beastiebw'', ``fbsdbw'', ``orb'', and ``orbbw'' (the default). The position of the logo can be configured by setting the loader_logo_x and loader_logo_y variables in loader.conf(5). The default values are 46 (x) and 4 (y). clear-beastie Clears the screen of beastie. beastie-start Initializes the interactive boot loader menu. The loader_delay variable can be configured in loader.conf(5) to the number of seconds you would like to delay loading the boot menu. During the delay the user can press Ctrl-C to fall back to autoboot or ENTER to proceed. The default behavior is to not delay. The environment variables that effect its behavior are: loader_logo Selects the desired logo in the beastie boot menu. Possible values are: ``fbsdbw'', ``beastie'', ``beastiebw'', ``orb'', ``orbbw'' (default), and ``none''. loader_logo_x Sets the desired column position of the logo. Default is 46. loader_logo_y Sets the desired row position of the logo. Default is 4. beastie_disable If set to ``YES'', the beastie boot menu will be skipped. The beastie boot menu is always skipped if booting UEFI or running non-x86 hardware. loader_delay If set to a number higher than zero, introduces a delay before starting the beastie boot menu. During the delay the user can press either Ctrl-C to skip the menu or ENTER to proceed to the menu. The default is to not delay when loading the menu. FILES
/boot/loader The loader(8). /boot/beastie.4th beastie.4th itself. /boot/loader.rc loader(8) bootstrapping script. EXAMPLES
Standard i386 /boot/loader.rc: include /boot/beastie.4th beastie-start Set a different logo in loader.conf(5): loader_logo="beastie" SEE ALSO
loader.conf(5), loader(8), loader.4th(8) HISTORY
The beastie.4th set of commands first appeared in FreeBSD 5.1. AUTHORS
The beastie.4th set of commands was written by Scott Long <>, Aleksander Fafula <> and Devin Teske <>. BSD
April 27, 2014 BSD

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