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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting help for shell script of finding shortest substring from given string by user Post 302146759 by pankajd on Thursday 22nd of November 2007 06:31:13 AM
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help for shell script of finding shortest substring from given string by user

please give me proper solution for finding a shortest substring from given string if string itself and first char and last char of that substr are also given by user

if S="dpoaoqooroo" and FC="o" and LC="o",then shortest substr is "oo" and rest of the string is "dpoaoqroo"
i have code but it is not working if u can give some new code or modify below code..
echo "enter the string"
read str
echo -e "\nenter first char of the substring"
read fc
echo -e "\nenter last char of the substring"
read lc
no=`echo "$str" |awk -F "$lc" '{print NF}'`
no1=`echo "$str" |awk -F "$fc" '{print NF}'`
fci=`expr index "$str" $fc`
lci=`expr index "$str" $lc`
if {(test $no -eq 1 || test $no1 -eq 1)}
echo "substring not found 1"
exit 0
for ((i=1;i<=$(($no-1));i++))
ip1=`echo "$str" |cut -d "$lc" -f$i`
echo "ip1 for $i times is $ip1"
echo "ip2 for $i times is $ip2"
fcin=`expr index "$ip1" $fc`
if {(test $flag -eq 0 && test $len1 -ne 0 && test $fcin -ne 0)}
if {(test "$olen" -gt "$len2" && test "$len1" -ne 0 && test "$fcin" -ne 0)}
fi fi
if (test "$key" = 1 )
echo "last shortest string is \"$fc$oip2$lc\""
str2=`echo ${str/$fc$oip2$lc/""}`
echo "the rest of the string is \"$str2\""
echo "substring not found last"
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MB_CONVERT_CASE(3)							 1							MB_CONVERT_CASE(3)

mb_convert_case - Perform case folding on a string

string mb_convert_case (string $str, int $mode, [string $encoding = mb_internal_encoding()]) DESCRIPTION
Performs case folding on a string, converted in the way specified by $mode. PARAMETERS
o $str - The string being converted. o $mode - The mode of the conversion. It can be one of MB_CASE_UPPER, MB_CASE_LOWER, or MB_CASE_TITLE. o $encoding -The $encoding parameter is the character encoding. If it is omitted, the internal character encoding value will be used. RETURN VALUES
A case folded version of $string converted in the way specified by $mode. UNICODE
By contrast to the standard case folding functions such as strtolower(3) and strtoupper(3), case folding is performed on the basis of the Unicode character properties. Thus the behaviour of this function is not affected by locale settings and it can convert any characters that have 'alphabetic' property, such as A-umlaut (A). For more information about the Unicode properties, please see EXAMPLES
Example #1 mb_convert_case(3) example <?php $str = "mary had a Little lamb and she loved it so"; $str = mb_convert_case($str, MB_CASE_UPPER, "UTF-8"); echo $str; // Prints MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB AND SHE LOVED IT SO $str = mb_convert_case($str, MB_CASE_TITLE, "UTF-8"); echo $str; // Prints Mary Had A Little Lamb And She Loved It So ?> Example #2 mb_convert_case(3) example with non-Latin UTF-8 text <?php $str = "Txiotn a nE Baos unuvn yn, dpaokeCei unp vw0po kuvs"; $str = mb_convert_case($_tr, MB_CASE_UP_ER, "UTF_8"); _ _ echo $str; // Prints TXI>TH A/TTHH BAO> YHMNH | H, /PA>KE/EI YTTP NOOPO KYN> $str = mb_convert_case($str, MB_CASE_TITLE, "U_F-8"); echo $str; // Prints Txiotn A nE Baoo Ynuvn | n, /paokeCei Ynp Nw0po Kuvo ?> SEE ALSO
mb_strtolower(3), mb_strtoupper(3), strtolower(3), strtoupper(3), ucfirst(3), ucwords(3). PHP Documentation Group MB_CONVERT_CASE(3)

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