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problems installing 5.0.7 on HP DL 380G5


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problems installing 5.0.7 on HP DL 380G5.
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finally i have installed the O.S but,
once the installing is completed and booted for the first time:
i press enter at boot time and this messaghe comes up;

hd(40)unix swap=hd(41) dump=hd(41) root=hd(42) hd=(Sdsk)
unix not found

According to SCO, i am using the EFS 5.77 and also tried with 5.72 and 5.74, but with the same response once i have installed the O.S.

of course i amd using Boot Loadable driver hpsas.

the command string i use when installing the O.S and booting for the first time is

defbootstr link=hpsas hd=Sdsk Sdsk=hpsas(0,0,0,0= Srom=wd(0,0,0)

Can anyone help me.