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do_config(9r) [osf1 man page]

do_config(9r)															     do_config(9r)

do_config - EISA/ISA: Initializes the device to its assigned configuration SYNOPSIS
void do_config( struct controller *ctlr_p ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to the controller structure associated with the controller to be configured. The do_config routine obtains the device to initialize through its controller's associated controller structure pointer. DESCRIPTION
The do_config routine initializes the specified controller based on its power-up resource assignments. If the device uses either an inter- rupt or a DMA channel, then do_config also performs any setup requirements. For example, for controllers that connect to the EISA bus, do_config initializes the controller according to the parameters specified in the EISA configuration file. NOTES
The do_config routine is a generic interface that maps to a bus-specific interface that actually initializes the specified device. Using this routine to initialize a device makes the driver more portable across different bus architectures. Not all buses support the do_config routine. RETURN VALUES
Routines: get_config(9r), get_info(9r) Data Structures: controller(9s) do_config(9r)

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FIREWIRE(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 					       FIREWIRE(4)

firewire -- IEEE1394 High-performance Serial Bus SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following line in your kernel configuration file: device firewire Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): firewire_load="YES" DESCRIPTION
FreeBSD provides machine-independent bus support and raw drivers for firewire interfaces. The firewire driver consists of two layers: the controller and the bus layer. The controller attaches to a physical bus (like pci(4)). The firewire bus attaches to the controller. Additional drivers can be attached to the bus. Up to 63 devices, including the host itself, can be attached to a firewire bus. The root node is dynamically assigned with a PHY device function. Also, the other firewire bus specific parameters, e.g., node ID, cycle master, isochronous resource manager and bus manager, are dynamically assigned, after bus reset is initiated. On the firewire bus, every device is identified by an EUI 64 address. FILES
/dev/fw0.0 /dev/fwmem0.0 SEE ALSO
fwe(4), fwip(4), fwohci(4), pci(4), sbp(4), eui64(5), fwcontrol(8), kldload(8), sysctl(8) HISTORY
The firewire driver first appeared in FreeBSD 5.0. AUTHORS
The firewire driver was written by Katsushi Kobayashi and Hidetoshi Shimokawa for the FreeBSD project. BUGS
See fwohci(4) for security notes. BSD
April 1, 2006 BSD
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