Operating Systems Solaris Printing multiple problem issue Post 302137686 by suntac on Wednesday 26th of September 2007 10:03:36 AM
Originally Posted by netwalker
CUPS very nice print spooler, you can manage your printers via WEB interface.

I'm using it on my Solaris and Linux.
check Common UNIX Printing System for more information about CUPS.


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lpr(1)							      Easy Software Products							    lpr(1)

lpr - print files SYNOPSIS
lpr [ -E ] [ -P destination ] [ -# num-copies [ -l ] [ -o option ] [ -p] [ -r ] [ -C/J/T title ] [ file(s) ] DESCRIPTION
lpr submits files for printing. Files named on the command line are sent to the named printer (or the system default destination if no des- tination is specified). If no files are listed on the command-line lpr reads the print file from the standard input. OPTIONS
The following options are recognized by lpr: -E Forces encryption when connecting to the server. -P destination Prints files to the named printer. -# copies Sets the number of copies to print from 1 to 100. -C name Sets the job name. -J name Sets the job name. -T name Sets the job name. -l Specifies that the print file is already formatted for the destination and should be sent without filtering. This option is equivalent to "-oraw". -o option Sets a job option. -p Specifies that the print file should be formatted with a shaded header with the date, time, job name, and page number. This option is equivalent to "-oprettyprint" and is only useful when printing text files. -r Specifies that the named print files should be deleted after printing them. COMPATIBILITY
The "c", "d", "f", "g", "i", "m", "n", "t", "v", and "w" options are not supported by CUPS and will produce a warning message if used. SEE ALSO
cancel(1), lp(1), lpstat(1), CUPS Software Users Manual, http://localhost:631/documentation.html COPYRIGHT
Copyright 1993-2002 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved. 23 January 2001 Common UNIX Printing System lpr(1)

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