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Full Discussion: Network Burning?
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Network Burning? Post 29280 by merlin on Wednesday 2nd of October 2002 07:41:37 PM
Old 10-02-2002
Question Network Burning?

Hey all,

When burning using Solaris 8, the standard command would look something like this;

mkisofs -r filename filename.tar | cdrw -i -O

But what I want to try and do it burn over the network and was wondering if anyone has done this before.

Like a tape drive backup can be run across a network can I do the same with burning a CD?

For example;

I got 2 computer hosts names and MARS and EARTH now the burner is setup on EARTH and I'm on MARS right now. I want to burn on EARTH from MARS without having to ftp the files over to EARTH.

I got little idea's on how this could be done. One would be to ftp the files then telnet and burn that way. But I want to try knocking out the ftp'ing part just burning over the network.

Does anyone know if this can be done? If so how?

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SHAPE_TAR(1)						      General Commands Manual						      SHAPE_TAR(1)

shape_tar - shapeTools RMS bundle up subsystem in a tar or shar archive SYNOPSIS
shape tar[VERSIONS=<version_selection_rule>] [ARCHIVE=<filename>] shape shar[VERSIONS=<version_selection_rule>] [ARCHIVE=<filename>] DESCRIPTION
Shape tar and shape shar create a tar or a shar archive containing all source components of the current node in the system tree. All source components listed in the COMPONENTS macro in the Makefile and the release identification file (VERSIONFILE) are written to the archive. Components of subsystems are not included in the archive file. The VERSIONS macro may be set to specify a version selection rule to be active during archive file creation. Default is most_recent, selecting the most recent version of each component. See shape_stdrul(7) or the $(SHAPELIBPATH)/stdrules for other possible settings. You may also use self defined version selection rules as VERSIONS. ARCHIVE is the base name of the file where the output shall be written to. Default is $(SUBSYSTEMNAME). The output file gets the filename extension .tar (resp. .shar). When ARCHIVE=- is given, data will be written to standard output. SEE ALSO
shape_RMS(1), shape_stdrul(7) FILES

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