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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users 2 ?s Post 16083 by crashnburn on Monday 25th of February 2002 02:33:09 PM
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hello ppl,

i'm gona post two questions here (!= subjects).

1 - I'm trying to leave GNOME+Sawfish+Nautilus (consumes too mucj memory) to use fluxbox. I'm having a little problem though: when i exit fluxbox, it doesn't save changes (like the theme). what's wrong?

2 - Is there some site where i can learn how to use iptables to share the internet connection?

i'm talking about linux 2.4.17 (slackware 8.0 distro).

thx in advance

|...\^May The Source Be With You^/...| Smilie
gnome-vfs.applications.4(4)					   File Formats 				       gnome-vfs.applications.4(4)

gnome-vfs.applications - GNOME VFS application registry DESCRIPTION
The GNOME MIME magic and MIME info files (see gnome-vfs-mime-magic(4)) enable GNOME VFS to associate a data file with its icon and descrip- tion. The GNOME VFS application registry provides a way to launch the applications associated with such files. The registration of applications to various MIME types is specified in text files placed in the /usr/share/gnome/application-registry directory. GNOME provides a default registry file called gnome-vfs.applications. Vendor-specific registry files can also be placed in this directory. This information is used extensively by nautilus(1), the GNOME file manager. EXTENDED DESCRIPTION
The format of the application registry file is simple. Each application entry is made up of a name followed by a number of key-value pairs. The application name must have been specified in one of the .keys files. The minimum required key fields are as follows: command The command to execute. name The descriptive name of the command, which will appear in the Open With menu in Nautilus. can_open_multiple_files The value of this field can be true or false. expects_uris The value of this field can be true or false. This field tells Nautilus whether the application can accept http:, ftp: and so on specifications to open at the command line. If this is true, you must add the supported_uri_schemes field. requires_terminal The value of this field can be true or false. mime_types The list of comma-separated mime-types defined by MIME magic or MIME info files. Optional field: supported_uri_schemes Specifies the list of protocols supported by the application; for example, http, ftp, file, telnet, gopher. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Registering CDE Imagetool with GNOME Application Registry sdtimage command=sdtimage name=sdtimage can_open_multiple_files=false expects_uris=false requires_terminal=false mime_types=image/tiff,image/gif,application/postscript,image/jpeg,x-xpixmap Example 2: Registering Netscape with GNOME Application Registry netscape command=netscape name=Netscape can_open_multiple_files=true expects_uris=true requires_terminal=false supported_uri_schemes=file,http,ftp,telnet,gopher mime_types=text/html,x-directory/webdav,x-directory/webdav-prefer-directory,image/gif,image/jpeg ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
See environ(5) for descriptions of the following environment variables that affect the execution of gnome-vfs.applications: NLSPATH. FILES
The following files are used by this application: /usr/share/gnome/application-registry/gnome-vfs.applications /usr/share/gnome/application-registry/solaris-gnome2.0.applications ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWgnome-vfs | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |External | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
nautilus(1), gnome-vfs-mime-magic(4), libgnomevfs-2(3) Latest version of the GNOME Desktop User Guide for your platform. NOTES
Written by Ghee Teo, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2003. SunOS 5.10 13 Jan 2003 gnome-vfs.applications.4(4)

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