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grep specific number from a list of numbers

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Old 03-07-2012
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grep specific number from a list of numbers

Hello. I have 9060 files labelled File1 to File9060. They are in numerical order. When I grep a file eg. File90 it will show me all files that contain the pattern "File90", eg File901 or File9001. I can only get specific files for File1000 or higher. How can I resolve this problem? Is there a command for the specific pattern recognition only?
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Old 03-07-2012
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Please post exactly what you're doing, word for word, letter for letter, keystroke for keystroke. I can't tell what you're doing so don't know why it's going wrong.

You can force grep to print filenames with the -l(filename only) or -H(filename: matching line) options.
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Old 03-07-2012
jim mcnamara jim mcnamara is offline Forum Staff  
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Yes, There are several ways

First off ls will match patterns so you do not have to use grep.

ls File90

has no errors like that.

However, since you want grep, use a trailing $:

ls | grep 'File90$'

If you want files numbered 1000 > 9999:

ls | grep 'File[0-9]{4}$'

This gives you any file that has exactly 4 numbers in the last 4 places in the file name.
Old 03-07-2012
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Originally Posted by jim mcnamara View Post
If you want files numbered 1000 > 9999:

ls | grep 'File[0-9]{4}$'


man grep
    In basic regular expressions the meta-characters ?, +, {, |, (, and ) lose their special meaning;

ls | egrep 'File[0-9]{4}$'

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Old 03-09-2012
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for grep a particular file u can use:

ls |grep "file90"
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Old 03-09-2012
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I refer you to post #1 . Your code repeats the original problem but also with a typing error in the name of the file.

touch File90
touch File900
touch File9000

ls File90

ls | grep 'File90'

ls |grep 'File90$'

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