Can't login to Unix using ftp commands

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Old 08-05-2008
Can't login to Unix using ftp commands


I have this issue with an ftp command that I can run successfully using command prompt in Windows but when using a file to run the script unix will always return log in error messages.

Here is what I'm doing:
In command prompt I'm running this:
> ftp -s:c:\load_test_file.scr

And my file..."load_test_file.scr" is as simple as:
cd /path/path_folder
put c:\filename.csv

Here is the whole output in command prompt:

C:\>ftp -s:c:\load_test_file.scr
ftp> open
Connected to
220 <servername> FTP server ready.
User (
331 Password required for user.

530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.
ftp> myuser
Invalid command.
ftp> cd /path/path_folder
530 Please login with USER and PASS.
ftp> put c:\filename.csv
530 Please login with USER and PASS.
530 Please login with USER and PASS.
ftp> quit
221 Goodbye.

IS there anything that I may need to fix in my code?

Thanks in advance!


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Old 08-05-2008
The correct syntax is

user username password

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Old 08-05-2008


The code worked fine Smilie but I also had to add -n (Suppresses auto-login upon initial connection.).
so the call now looks like this
ftp -n -s:c:\load_test_file.scr


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Old 09-15-2008
how to ftp to solaris server thru my notebook via LAN cable

Hi two senior,

I m a newbie for solaris, I encounter a problem when I try to ftp to unix server., step as follow:

window command line:
>ftp <IP address>
connected to <IP address>
220 s4u-60a-sin06 FTP server ready.
User (<IP address>Smilienone)):
Login failed.

But there is not password for that server, whi it will prompt the user and password?Any idea?Hope senior can tell the solution and reason...

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Old 09-15-2008
If you want to use anonymous FTP, type anonymous or ftp as the username. You can type anything for the password, the convention is to give your email address.
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