Stopping Windows 10 Clients?

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Old 10-12-2016
Stopping Windows 10 Clients?

As I know you are all aware Windows 10 poses some serious security concerns. My question is three fold.

1. Is there a way to stop Windows 10 clients from accessing a web server?
2. What would be the MS counter punch to that? ie: how would they circumvent. (mask browser credentials?)
3. Is there a way to stop or prevent #2 ?

I ask these questions because like it or not, this OS poses a serious threat to everyone- not just those using it. Kick this around a bit and let's see if we can find a solution.
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Old 10-13-2016
Next time please post it in the appropriate sub forum, not into Linux...

Is this a serious question?

1,3: Put them behind a Firewall of some sort and block the addresses/ports/urls.
2: They bring new addresses/ports/urls that will be contacted with a patch. Or they force you to open something so it works at all.

There is plenty of guides and tools on the web, to turn off those annoying blathering parts of windows 10.

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Old 10-13-2016
Perhaps a policy that you role onto all the desktops could block outgoing traffic too, but it's hardly satisfactory. On the flip side, a browser should not be able to do damage to a web-server. If you web-server is vulnerable, then it needs patching. Most likely, if your application is vulnerable then that is a design issue that you probably can't lay at the door of Microsoft and is unlikely to be an issue only with Windows 10 of which a browser sits underneath.

There should be no material difference in the way a browser running under any operating system interacts with a web-server, there are standards for the conversations they will have and if they do not comply then the conversation is more likely to be terminated rather than do damage. The only possible exception might be a DoS issue if the browser loops, constantly issuing requests, but that is going to be a browser fault rather than a Windows 10 fault unless you have rogue software that is also making requests.

Good anti-virus/anti-malware is essential, whatever the platform.

Just my thoughts,
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Old 10-13-2016
Zaxxon - thank you for your reply. I posted in the Unix Linux forum because this -to me -this is a server issue. 90+% of all web servers are Linux. Yes it is a serious question. Perhaps I did not explain it thoroughly.
Windows 10 is a data collecting mechanism that not all of us appreciate, in fact if most people had the facts about it they probably would not use it without great caution.
My point is this - use this forum as an example, but any forum would fit. A forum has users that at least to some degree expect "some" privacy or protection from the forum they subscribe to -obviously this is not guaranteed. However when a Windows 10 machine connects to that forum, or any website for that matter- any and or all of the data that passes thru that Windows 10 machine can be collected by Microsoft - basically for use as they see fit (Read the Windows 10 EULA). This practice now becomes everyones problem..."I" do not have Windows 10 -"I" did not agree to have them collect, store or do anything with my data -Yet they can to some degree via forums or web servers of any kind.
My question is not a small one that will likely be solved overnight but a very serious one. Nothing like what is happening now, has happened before. Left unchecked - this over reach will continue. I am in hopes to discuss a way to stop or at least greatly hinder this data collection over reach - to signal "NO" we do not accept this behavior on our networks and thus hopefully cause MS or any other entity to re-think their practices.
For what it's worth the only thing I can think of as a possible solution would be to block Windows 10 by its browser credentials at the server level - but that seems too easy to defeat.
Also - full disclosure - I was a MS fan boy for over 25 years.until Windows 8 When I switched everything I had to Linux. Understand that I am not anti-Microsoft - but I am against anyone or anything that assumes anothers property as their own.

Rbatte1 - Thank you for the reply, hopefully the above clarifies things a bit more. The problem is that the current way of server behavior is being taken advantage of, current standards are being taken advantage of, - its the servers that need to adjust, not the desktops because we can not control those. (except in house of course)

Hopefully the issue or my question is now a bit more clear.

Respectfully request to have this topic moved back to a forum where it may gain traction with Linux Unix server administrators. These are the folks who will likely be the key to all of this.

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Old 10-14-2016
You switched the scope to a point where I can't follow the logic anymore. I also see no technical context.
By the way rbatte1 and I are also admins or have worked as such so you got attraction already even though obviously not the one you wanted Smilie

If you know you have a spyware, don't use it or live with it in some way. Complaining and talking does not work with companies or governments that only intend to gain wealth and influence/power. Only boycott that leads to loss of wealth and influence/power will make them notice and change anything. For this you need a lot of people that will do the same.
The problem is, there will always be bad guys in any degree and any disguise, but the people need to be aware and act accordingly. Governments and companies invest a lot into media err public relations to keep/make people the sheeps they need for their goals.
You can not ensure by technical means that a provider that has your data, be it a post in a forum or whatever is uploaded, hosted on any platform, can't grab this and do whatever with it.
If it is your precious private thoughts/data, simply don't throw it into the open if you have a choice.

As for the change of scope, I will close this thread and advise you to open a knew thread and form your question short and clear, thanks.

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