UNIX and notepad++

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Hammer & Screwdriver UNIX and notepad++

I connect to my office server using ftp option in notepad++
I am not able to open directory's with out setting my clear case view in the notepad++
Hence pls help me in setting the view in notepad++ so that it can read all the files and directorys
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notepad++ is a Windows application.

Moving to the Windows subforum.
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Hammer & Screwdriver

Yes... Notepad++ in windows and server is Unix
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Re-think. I just tried the Nppftp plugin, for the first time, and it seems to open files correctly. Which setting do you have to change?

Last edited by jgt; 04-04-2013 at 02:54 PM..
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You r rite...we can use this plugin.. But in my case I cannot read a file without setting a clearcase view in my server... I need a plugin which can open those files
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If it is a server side issue, then which ftp server is it?
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Its not a server side issue...
let me explain..

i need to open a file in this path using notepad++

but since this file is mount to my view.
i normally use putty to connect to the server and use the "cleartool setview" command to set my view and open the file in vim.

But now in notepad++ i am not able to open the file since i have not set the view
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