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File Duplication

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File Duplication

hi all

how to find the file duplication in a windows 2000 server

as usual replies are sincerely appreciated.


raguram R
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Hammer & Screwdriver Issue

Well, As this is a file that you need to duplicate, you could always go to file search which can be found on the taskbar and type in fileduplication.exe. This might work, but if it doesn't post a reply and tell me it didn't alnd I will figure out another way.

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Hi computek

As expected by you the "fileduplication.exe" is not available in our 2000 server.

I put my question in other way. Just assume the situation,

There are 100 users in a 2000 server and each user is allocated with a backup space. A file named "ZZZ.TXT" is there in all the user's backup folder. How to check this or how to find that this file is present in almost all the user backup. Further i don't know the name of the file ("ZZZ.TXT").

i.e. How to find the file duplication across folders in a Windows 2000 server.

Raguram R
# 4  
CPU & Memory

I have a method to solve this problem.It will take 3 steps.

Firstly,you should start the DOS prompt and type '' tree C:\Documents and Settings /f >a.txt ''. U will find a file named a.txt in the directory C:\Documents and Settings.[The OS is supposed to be installed on C:]

Secondly,you have to get the name of the file. You can choose 1 or 2 or more specific foders to figure out the file name. Take self.txt for example.

Thirdly,type '' cd C:\Documents and Settings ''in DOS prompt,then C:\Documents and Settings becomes the current directory. Type '' find /c "self.txt" a.txt '' and enter ,you will get the number of the string ''self.txt''. THIS NUMBER is just the number of the specified files.IF it equals the number of the users,then we can draw a conclusion that every user has the file. IF not ,you can use other switches of the command FIND to locate the directory which is short of the file. OR you can also open the file a.txt ,and employ the searching function embeded in this programme.

I tried this method with my computer which runs Win2000 pro and it works. Wish U good luck.

DOS commands are powerful !!

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