Should We Cancel Spotify in Support of Neil Young?

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Should We Cancel Spotify in Support of Neil Young?
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Old 01-30-2022
Should We Cancel Spotify in Support of Neil Young?

I'm admitted bias because I am a big Neil Young fan, especially his early years. I grew up playing and singing his songs with friends.

Today, I sent this message to Spotify in support of Neil Young:

> FYI. I will more-than-likely cancel my subscription because of what Spotify has done in the Neil Young Joe Rogan issue regarding right-wing nut case podcasts on Spotify. I love Spotify; but this support of the misinformation king Joe Rogan shows that Spotify has low moral ethics and cares only for money, not what is right and true. I am so sorry but Spotify is very wrong on this issue and should remove Joe Rogan from Spotify immediately and reinstated the true great artists of the world. What Spotify has done is disgraceful, period.


I really like Spotify, but this business stance by Spotify is a slap in the face of all real artists like Neil Young as they support loud mouths with no talent except being a demagogue for extremists.

Joe Rogan is a lowly demagogue who rhetorically exploits issues for political purposes in a way calculated to appeal to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people.

Neil Young is one of the worlds greatest rock artists, [inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995](Neil Young | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame).

For Spotify to side with a demagogue over a true artist is totally disgusting and unacceptable in my view.

Do you agree?

Or do you think that Spotify's desire for profit is more important than policing misinformation and demagoguery?

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Should We Cancel Spotify in Support of Neil Young? - What is on Your Mind? - Unix Linux Community
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Old 01-30-2022
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Old 01-30-2022
For my own very small part:


We are fully supportive of Neil Young and are now permanently off Spotify.

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