New Member and Country Computer Trivia Leaderboards

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Old 11-11-2019
New Member and Country Computer Trivia Leaderboards

Thanks to Akshay, who helped me write the core MySQL queries, we now have two new draft leaderboards, by (1) member and by (2) country:


Currently milhan leads the members with a high score of 90%:


Russia leads the country leaderboard with 74%:


This are just "first draft" leaderboards. To make the member leaderboard, members need over 10 questions answered and to make the country leaderboard, a country needs over 200 questions answered.

Someday, I will draft a leaderboard for guests based on a hash of their IP addresses, but for this week, I'm done.

Thanks again, Akshay for writing the core MySQL queries.
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Old 11-11-2019

Just updated this to include a draft "Major League" and a draft "Minor League".... for both Member and Country Leaderboards
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Old 11-12-2019

Fixed a minor bug in the Minor League Member Leaderboard, caused by sorting on strings instead of floats, which caused users with scores of '100%' to not appear in the sort results.

This bug only appeared in queries where there were no incorrect answers to trivia questions, and this was only the case with people with a very few answers.


Added a PHP array of country codes to country name so now the country names appear in the leaderboards instead of the country codes.
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Old 11-14-2019
  • So far, 17,525 questions have been answered by members and (mostly) guests.
  • UI Update to Trivia Leaderboards: Added tooltips for mouse overs which show the total number of questions answered, some details about the leagues, and links to user profiles (badges):

New Member and Country Computer Trivia Leaderboards-screen-shot-2019-11-15-91651-ampng

New Member and Country Computer Trivia Leaderboards-screen-shot-2019-11-15-91633-ampng

New Member and Country Computer Trivia Leaderboards-screen-shot-2019-11-15-91620-ampng

New Member and Country Computer Trivia Leaderboards-screen-shot-2019-11-15-91557-ampng

Also, congratulations are in order for Peasant for being on top of the Major League for Members and for members and Russia for leading the Major League for countries overall.

  • Add new badge(s) and levels (colors) to member profiles for trivia results.
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