New 'member_project' tag with DarkGreen (was Magenta) Color

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? New 'member_project' tag with DarkGreen (was Magenta) Color
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Hi Neo...

Used it for the first time today, Sunday October 13th 2019.
It does catch the eye and the viewing numbers seem to accelerate over a short period.

Thanks for the changing of some of mine and giving us a different colour when answers are not required.
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tag(3tcl)                                                                                                                                tag(3tcl)

tag - Manipulate tagged files SYNOPSIS
tag option ?arg arg ...? DESCRIPTION
The tag procedure provides a number of options for manipulating tagged files. COMMANDS
tag readfile filename Reads the file with the given filename and returns a list where each list element is a tag record, which is represented by a list of label-value pairs, or label-value-endlabel triples. The tag header is the first element returned. tag writefile filename list Takes a list in the format used internally in tcl programs for tagged data and writes it as a tagged file. tag extract list tests Takes a list in tagged format, and a list of conditions, and returns a new list in tagged format which contains those tag records which match the conditions. The tests is a list of test items, each of which is a list of the form { labelname condition matchvalue } The conditions are == String equals != String not equal <= Less than or equal -in Is the test value a member of the list given as the matchvalue -contains Does the match value contain the test value as a case insensitive substring. -earlier Date earlier -later Date later - dates are in ISO format (yyyy-mm-dd [hh:mm:ss]). -exists Does the label exist in this record. BUGS
tag readfile reads the whole file into memory before turning it into a list. Should be more memory efficient. The -earlier and -later comparisons require TCL8.3 AUTHOR
John Lines ( July 3, 2000 tag(3tcl)

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