Business origins - MalWareBytes - interesting read

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Business origins - MalWareBytes - interesting read

Interesting to read about the origin of the MalWareBytes company.

Link from BBC Business news:

'I kept my multimillion dollar business secret' - BBC News
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If Microsoft did not create such insecure software, anti-virus companies like MalwareBytes would not be in business.

It's an industry many of us in my circle of cybersecurity experts refer to as a "self-licking ice-cream cone" because all these companies just feed off the insecurity of the Window's (for the most part) operating system.

It's really a social and economic tragedy when you stop to think about it.

I just finished a GREAT book called "Lost in Math - How Beauty Leads Physics Astray" by Sabine Hossenfelder. In her transformational book, she describes the various biases, including cognitive bias" to which "following the herd" is a subset.

Computer security is so full of cognitive bias that if you really understood the industry, your stomach would turn, realizing how much corporate greed is the root cause of most of the IT insecurity we face in society.

There is yet no "antivirus software" for human greed and ignorance.

IMNSHO, everyone should read (or listen to), Sabine Hossenfelder's book, "Lost in Math".
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Thanks to Microsoft the antivirus market is so profitable. (LUnix is a party pooper.)
And a big thanks to all the humans who naively click on everything; this is how the economy works!
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Yeah, so as a long time cyber security person, I have never been impressed with companies like MalwareBytes who profit off the insecurity of Windows.

I'm not accusing any company of wrong doings, but there have been many scenarios in circles of cyber security professionals where antivirus companies conspire (or work) with malware creators to have malware released into the wild and for "an antivirus company" to already have an antiviral update(s) ready.

The entire ecosystem is broken; so personally, I am not impressed with the MalwareBytes story. I do not trust any of these companies, since they are not accountable and transparent to the public.

The real "success story" would be for governments or regulators to mandate that these software companies secure their products and be responsible for consumer losses and damages, or to otherwise regulate these greedy high tech companies who are only concerned with quarterly profit reports to their stockholders. Ditto for the new breed of information brokers like FB.

The entire cybersecurity industry is a "self-licking ice cream cone", where the more malware there is, the more money anti-malware companies make. It's really dystopian.

Soon (not sure the exact time), it will be the same in AI. There will be an entire industry built around securing us from AI, hackers attacking AI, AI gone bad, etc. It's really a dystopian future where tech creates more software which needs "protectors" to protect us from the harm it will do. Meanwhile, the huge tech giants get richer, the land costs rise in high tech areas, etc.

It's corporate greed out of control, really.
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