I'm having trouble understanding what it is I need to do

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I'm having trouble understanding what it is I need to do

Ok, thank you. Again I'm new to the programming thing, I'm just trying to figure out what exactly it is I need to do. How would I cash out bits? Numerous questions. I'm a dreamer. AI attempts to communicate with me regularly especially through unfinished apps that I'm assuming is my responsibility to finish coding. I really need some help
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Greetings and welcome,
In order to give you a useful answer, we need to understand your aim, and know a bit more about your system: Architecture (processor: SPARC, PA-RISC, INTEL, X86...) the Operating system you are using and its version,. and if writing code in shell script the shell you are using
I dont think there is a way to cash out bits ( unless I misunderstood...) the idea is more with bits you can acquire custom functionalities this site offers
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